Saturday, August 20, 2011

Battle at Mästerby

During the Medieval Week there was 2 reenactments revolving the Danish Invasion in 1361.

I and several houndred of interested was out side Visby to a place called Mästerby and watched the reenactment battle. Here are some pictures and 2 short film clips.

The Swedish Historical Professor Dick Harrison was guiding the audience through the battle.

The Gotlandish force is located on the northern side of Sudertingsån. A number of men are destroying the bridge which crosses the stream. They are working fast, since their scouts have told them that the Danish army is close, and on its way. The Danes have large numbers, modern armour and modern weapons. The Gotlanders themselves have old equipment, but they are truly motivated. They fight to protect their families and homes from the devestation following the Danish army.

The bridge finally crumbles, pulled down by horses, and it does so with a terrible crash. It is at the very last minute, because the Danish vanguard is in sight. The Danes spy out the Gotlanders and, after a while, they pick up formation and advance towards the stream. Getting into and then up from the stream furrow proves to be a hard task; the Gotlanders hold their formations, stabbing and slashing anyone who tries to cross the stream. The Danish vanguard is forced to retreat several times and at last, king Valdemar realizes that his troops will not be able to cross.

He sends off scouts to find another passage over the steam – not too far off, at Fjäle myr, a passage is found. A group of Danish soldiers are sent to cross at Fjäle. The Gotlander crossbow archers attempt to stop the group, but their bolts are almost useless due to the modern, Danish armours. At the same time, the main army attack again, across the stream.

Suddenly, the Gotlanders find themselves battling their enemy at several fronts at once. Their lines break and parts of the Gotlander army starts to retreat. The Danish finally manage to cross the bog on horseback and attack full scale. The Gotlanders are pursued and killed in what proves to be a strenuous battle. Valdemar expresses his hopes that the following battles will not prove to be as difficult as those at Mästerby. Text from the "Battle of Wisby 1361-2011" site

After the battle...

There was participants from 9 countrys...

And of course from Sweden to, these fighters are true Allmoge soldiers from "Bondeuppbådet i Östergötaland"

And here are some lousy film clips of the later part of the battle...sorry I got to get a better film camera...


  1. This time period looks pretty exciting to watch...looks like a hell of a good time too.

  2. This battle could make a good scenario

  3. I really enjoyed the film clips and pictures. I also found the Swedish reenactment groups site most interesting too.
    Are you tempted to paint up some visby period figures and collect a dba/BI army of them?

  4. Glad you liked the film clips and pictures:) unfortunaly the 1st part of the battle was a little to far away from us, but then the Gotlanders started to lose the fought right in front of us, it was indeed nice to look at.

    Might even be a small mini campaign about the Danish invasion of Gotland 1361:)

    Ofcourse have I been tempted to paint up 2 forces for the Invasion...ever sins the first time I was to the medieval week some 15 years agoe... might happen some day... but for now the focus will be on my 15th centery Kalmar Union War project...

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. Just watched the clips, very good. Very nice photos too. Thanks for that Dalauppror