Saturday, August 27, 2011

Medieval Manner of Dress #2

I have done as "The Angry Lurker" commented "it's not my period of interest at this time and they should go to medieval nuts" so I have looked after some "medieval nuts" and found that these 3 fits the description;)

Alan at The Duchy of Tradgardland for he´s great interest in Medieval Scandinavia. Good luck with your Danish 13th centry army;)

Sire Godefroy at Conquering the Lead Mountain that are a real medieval reenactor and historical fencer as well as a realy good miniature painter.

Bedford at La Journee That was one of the creators behind the spectacular demo game "Battle of Verneuil 1424" at Salute.

They will each get a copy of the book, Medieval Manner of Dress: Documents, Images and Surviving Examples of Northern Europe, Emphasizing Gotland in the Baltic Sea.

I hope it will inspiring them to paint some medievla scaninavians now;)

If you wasn´t one of the 3 and still want to get hold of a copy you can send a e-mail to the Museum Shop and order one, they have a realy good price at the moment;)

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