Monday, August 29, 2011

Song of Drums and Shakos

I have tryed out the rules "Song of Drums and Shakos" with my 28mm AWI minis.

It worked out realy well even if my minis are multi based. 1 of my bases was equal to 1 mini in the rules...

I was runing a small engagement. A Native war party was assaulting a small settlement but meet harsh resistanse from the local militia...


Native Indian War Party
1x Warchief
10x Warriors with some coureurs de bois

Local Militia
1x Captain
8x Militia

A small groupe of Braves advance through the field, the militia respond with a volly of muskets that dosen´t harm even a barn door...

As it takes 2 actions to reload, the Natives take the chance and charge the poor militia...

a fierce fight begins and both sides take casualtys...

the fight continued for some more rounds, and ended with the escape of the Militia Captain and some small part of he´s glorius militia company...

It was a short but nice test game with just about half as many points as the rules recomend, and I think it will get even better and faster then I learned the rules:)


  1. Lovely figs and terrain as always mate!

  2. Thanks !!!

    I like the small format, you dont have to put up to much stuff to get a god and interesting game...

    Best regards dalauppror

  3. Good looking game. Very nice figures and terrain.

  4. Great looking game. I bought the download months ago but havent played it yet at all - maybe I should have a look again...

  5. Thanks Alan!

    It is abolutely woth a couple of games before deciding.

    Vest regards dalauppror

  6. As always Great battle report Dalauppror :)
    keep it coming...

  7. Creative use of SDS! Very good thinking.
    And it gives good multi usage of the figures as you've demonstrated (being able to use them for Black Powder etc aswell).