Monday, September 5, 2011


As some of you may have noticed from the Battle at Helgeandsholmen AAR there was 2 new Commanders on the gaming table, one on each side...hera are some close-ups of them...

The First one will mostly represent the Danish Marshal Claus Rönnow.

The Yellow flag with the red cross are the official Kalmar Union banner, first mentioned by the King Erik of Pomeranian back in 1430´s

The Commander are from the Perry WoTR range.

The banner bearers are 2 Games Workshop Dogs of War minis

The second commander will mostly act on the rebell side as Nils Bosson Sture from the House Natt och Dag.

He often got the support from the Darlecarlian Allmoge, and they probably fought under a Saint olof banner.

The inspiration to the Saint Olof banner came from a Norwegian banner I found in a book about churches in Darlecarlia that was dedicated to Saint olof

The Command mini are a Kingmaker Hussit commander but I changed the broken warhammer to a Viking ax from the Gripping Beast vikings:)

The banner bearers are 2 old Games Workshop Brettonian minis...


  1. The commanders look great esp the one with his axe in the air. st Olaf makes an excellent flag indeed...
    I am tempted to base my medieval scandanavians around a winter campaign with some ski mounted scouts and sledges for supplies. I need to find out a little more about the look of sledges and soucre wintery clad figures too.
    best wishes

  2. Lovely command stands - love the St Olaf banner!

  3. Thank you all !!! isn´n much snow in denmark... But I really like the idéa about a winter campaing. About wintery clad minis you might use some of the Gripping Beast, infantry from the range "Medieval Russians & Tribal Warriors" just file down the topy helmets and get rid of the rectangular shields. For Cavalry and some foot I would probably use some Gripping Beast might add a Fure edge on some of the cloths to get a more winter feel...

    About the sledges... here are some pictures of how I would think they looked...

    The pictures are from the winter market in Røros in Norway. Back in the days it was common for people in Darlecarlia to go by sledge to the market and sell stuff... is a site in swedish but you can check out the Galleri fore some pictures.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  4. Great looking figures, especially the St Olaf banner!

  5. Great stands and figures but beautiful banners.

  6. Thanks !!

    Glad you liked the banner even though they look a little flatt on my photos...

  7. Excellent command stands. The St Olaf banner is beautiful. Fantastic work.

  8. Really nice work you got there, absolutely stunning.

  9. exellent work there love the flags