Friday, November 4, 2011


At last have my copy of the SAGA rules arrived:)

I will be up late tonight reading throug the rule book, and tomorrow I will start to base my newly painted Viking Warband...


  1. When I got home today 2 viking chiefs from gripping beast where waiting for me. Thank good their only 28mm... hehe

    But to my question, are they ment to have those gigantic bases i got ? Mayby the warlors are supose to have those in the game or what ?

    You are now my offical SAGA expert... hehe

  2. Always nice to get some new minis:)

    Basing for SAGA

    Ordinary foot minis max 30mm bases

    Ordinary Mounted minis max 60mm bases

    Warlord s are considered larger then life character and may have largers bases

    foot up to about 40mm and mounted up to about 80mm.

    I have my Viking Warlord on a round 50mm base and he have 2 more models on the base one mini caring the raven banner and one a mini vignette, after all he´s considered a unit by him self according to the rules.

    I hope yo have a picture of my Warlord by the end of the week...

    Good luck with the Saga Warband.

    Best regards Dalauppror