Monday, January 23, 2012

Anglo-Danish Housecarls #1

Earl Ethelstone will have 3 points/12 minis of Housecarls all will be armed with large Daneaxes, don´t know if that is good but it is cooool;)

In our games the Housecarls with Daneaxes have turned out to be quite fragile, with their lower armour, but they can deal quite some damage to:)

Here are some pictures of the first group/point of Housecarls.

The minis are from left; Musketeer (Early Saxon range), Perry (Crusader range), and 2 Gripping Beast (plastic Saxon/Viking mix)


  1. Those are great, the shields are great.....

  2. Brilliant!! They are a great looking bunch!!

  3. Lovely! I particularly love the shield detail, I just cant seem to get that right and yours look fantastic