Monday, February 6, 2012

Earl Ethelstones Anglo-Danish Warband

Earl Ethelstones Anglo-Danish Warband :)

I started mid December so it took quite long time, but I have not been that focused, and painted Viking Ships and some 40K minis to during that time...

Earl Ethelstone, Warlord...with 2 banner holders
3 points of Housecarls with Dane axes:)
3 points of Ceorls

In total 39 minis

The minis I have used was what I could find at home...most a mix of Gripping Beast plastic Saxons and Vikings, but I alsoe used some Perry crusader and other odd minis I found in my boxes...

The only mini I bought peculiarly for this warband was the Warlord, Earl Ethelstone...I used the very cool GB King Penda viginette, might be a couple of hundred years to early, but I don´t really care as the mini are so cool I just had to have it:)

So here are once again a close ups of the new hero in town,

Earl Ethelstone;)


  1. Excellent work overall but that command base is just awesome.

  2. great looking warband and very nice job on the earl!


  3. Wonderful flag! Troops look amazing too.

  4. Congrats to this excellently looking warband. Hopefully they'll win you some barneys.


  5. Very nice, I often find armies look a lot better when time and effort is spent on them and yours clearly shows this off greatly.

  6. Yes, that command stand really is stunning. Great choice of figures.

  7. Great looking warband!

    I hope mine will look half as good when they're finished.

  8. Congratulations on a great looking warband. The colour palette is great and the lord is spectacular! Well done.

  9. Splendid standard, and the whole warband is looking really splendid

  10. Thank you all !!! :)

    Dest regards dalauppror

  11. a long time? I think it's quite impressive to get all that done in the timeframe. Impressive warband. Great painting and a real cool flag.

  12. Thanks Michael !

    not that long time...:)

    Best regards dalauppror