Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy

I got my hands on a new, at least for me, wargaming magazine: Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy.

I have had the chanse to look at two of their latest issues in .pdf format.

#Issue 56 - ACW gaming
#Issue 57 - Pulp gaming

I was very pleased with the magazines, nice and clear layout and very interesting articles. Each issue have theme and about 25 of the 84 pages are dedicated to the theme with background, scenarios, miniature reviews and most interesting of all a how it was made about the first page diorama, like the stunning ACW diorama by David Imrie/Saxon Dog

The rest of the magazine are a god mix of Hobby new, Miniature and Game reviews, Scenarios and articles about wargaming in different eras. It is hard to get something for every one in on only 84 pages but I realy like the mix they managed to achieve.

I must admit that I liked Issue 56 more. Thats because ACW gaming and articles are more interesting to me then Pulp gaming, and that there was a article about Naval Warfare during the 15th centery:) and a interesting painting guide to Perrys plastic WotR minis...

If Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy continue to be as god as these 2 issues I will defenetly start a subscription for the paper magazine...already have;)

I´m not a greate fan of .pdf magazines...want the real stuff...

# Issue 59 with a Viking/SAGA theme have just been released...hope I will get it soon...

Take the chanse to get you self a subscription there are still a 20% discount on the prise:)


  1. I'm really impressed with this magazine - to the point that I subscribed a couple of months back and let my subscription to Wargames Illustrated lapse...

  2. Agree, but I think I hold on to both for a while:)

  3. This magazine is very interesting, not so know as Wargames Illustrated, but full of interesting articles. I expect to buy Issue 59 in PDF soon.

  4. I've been subscribing since september last year and very much enjoyed every issue. Looking forward to the SAGA/viking special (hopefully in my mailbox this week).

  5. Gotta agree with everyone, the magazine is excellent!!

  6. It's great but sometimes it doesn't cover anything you're interested in so I skip the odd edition.....