Saturday, June 23, 2012

Battle of Ilorka 211BC

Last week we played some Hail Caesar for the first time in a month...or a year...

We decided to play my last of 5 Scenarios based on the the Punic war in Spain. This time the final clash at the Battle of Ilorka 211BC.

After the defeat of Hasdrubal Barca in the Battle of Dertosa/Iberia in the spring of 215 BC, the Romans had secured their bases in the north of Ebro. They then proceeded to win over some Iberian tribes, raid Carthaginian lands in the South of the Ebro. Hasdrubal meanwhile had been reinforced by 2 armies, respectively led by his younger brother Mago Barca and Hasdrubal Gisco. These armies fought several indecisive battles with the Scipio brothers during 215-211 BC. 

This elephant did not take part in our battle, but it is painted by Bjorn that painted all the minis we used in our game, and I think it´s realy lovely and needed to be shown:)

Back to the game...

The Scipio brothers had hired 20,000 Celt-Iberian mercenaries to reinforce their army of 30,000 foot and 3,000 horse. Observing that the Carthaginian armies were deployed separately from each other, with Hasdrubal Barca and 15,000 troops near Amtorgis, and Mago Barca, Hasdrubal Gisco with 10,000 troops each further to the West of Hasdrubal, the Scipio brothers planned to split their forces. 

Publius Scipio decided to take 20,000 Roman and allied soldiers and attack Mago Barca near Castulo, while Gnaeus Scipio took one double legion (10,000 troops) and the mercenaries to attack Hasdrubal Barca. This stratagem would lead to 2 battles, the Battle of Castulo and the Battle of Ilorca to take place within a few days of each other...

OOB Rome
Gnaeus Division: C-in-C, Gnaeus Scipio
4 Small Units of Hastati and principes
1 Small Unit of Triarii
2 Small Unit of Velites
1 Unit of Italian allied infantry (Deployed in the Roman camp)

Abylix Division: General, Abylix (Unreliable Iberian allied)
2 Unit of CeltIberians - Medium infantry warband
1 Unit of Iberians – Medium infantry
1 Small Units of Baleric slingers - Skirmish infantry

OOB Carthaginians
Hasdrubal Barcas Division: C-in-C, Hasdrubal Barca
1 Unit of Lybian veterans - Heavy infantry
1 Unit of allied infantry - Medium infantry
1 Small Unit of allied skirmishers - Skirmish infantry

Masanissas Division: General, Masanissa
2 Small Units of Numidians – Light Cavalry

Hasdrubal Giscos Division: General  Hasdrubal Gisco
2 Units of allied infantry - Medium infantry
1 Small Unit of Baleric slingers - Skirmish infantry

Magos Division:  General, Mago
2 Small Units of Cavalry - Medium cavalry
1 Unit of Elephants – Elephants
1 Small Unit of allied skirmishers - Skirmish infantry (Sub-unit to Elephants)

The Romans started with the main part of the army in march column, with just some Italian allied infantry working on a small camp.

The Carthaginians started ofboard with only Masanissa´s command on the board.

The Carthaginians made some god command rolls and moved on the battle field in force...

The Romans respondend accordingly by by order the column to form a battle line...But it seemed like Abylix command had other thoughts and continued to move away from the threat....treason???

A douptful order by the Romans was to order the Italian Allied in the fortification on the hill to leave it and join the main battle line...

The Carthaginians continued their swift advance, aiming to outflank the smaller roman army...

The romans sent out some skirmishers while the rest of the army awaited just below the hill... they also managed to get the Iberian allied in to a battle line to.

The Carthaginians closed in and started to chase away the roman skirmishline... The romans thought they would let loose the Celtiberian warbans but they refused to move against the Carthaginians...

The Carthaginians right flank with Elephants and Cavalery engaged the Roman leftflank, routing the  Italian allied and turned on the roman legions...

On the other flank the roman at last convinced the celtiberian allied to CHARGE! It all become a bloody battle but the Carthaginian troops managed to endure...

The Carthaginians pressed forward and the Romans battle line started to collapse...

We called it a day sins the roman losses was to greate and they would not have managed to stop the Carthaginians forces.

Our greatest concern was way the roman commanderd did leave their fortification on the hill and did deploy the battle line below the hill iand not on it...

It was realy nice to play hail Caesar again, absolutely one om my favourite rules. Next time ther will be some 15th century gaming during the Kalmar Union War:)


  1. Wow, impressive line-up and nice report!

  2. Lovely set-up - might be some blatant copying going on when I finally sort out a table ;-)

  3. Friendly party reporting,

    Very nice minis :)

  4. That elephant is fantastic!! And the armies looks very well painted too!

  5. Impressive set up and fun looking game. Definitely inspiring stuff for getting into Hail Caesar myself... maybe... someday. :)


  6. Great, just great! Love the basing style, looks like a convincing solution all around. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Thanks !

    Hail Caesar are a realy nice set of rules !

    About the basing, 80mm front, we call it "Big Bases" at our club. read more about it in this post:

    Best regards Michael

  8. Fantastic looking game Michael. Great report and photos.

  9. That's a super looking battlefield and great report! I'm looking forward to playing Hail Caesar someday!


  10. A splendid looking game! All minis beautifully turned out.

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