Friday, June 22, 2012

Midsummer in Sweaden...again...

Happy Midsummer:)

Today it is Midsummereve here in Sweden, here are once again the IKEA banned commercial about the Swedish Midsummer...not realy true, but quite entertaining anyway;)


  1. oh my, Lol lots! I'll have to share this!

  2. I think something similar was going on next door last night!

  3. Now you all know how it is here in Sweden, be sure you popby next midsummer for the party;)

    Best regards Michael

  4. My midsummer was just like this!
    But on an island, with kids, less alcohol, better food, etc. But a bit like this... a little bit... actually not very much. But we had a gigantic phallic symbol that we danced around. Paganism is so much better!

  5. This is what happened to me this weekend...