Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dux Britanniarum AAR Welsh vs. Vikings

Haven´t been to much painting for me lately... but I have managed to play some Dux games at least...

I introduce Dux Britanniarum to 4 of the members at our club last week, here comes a short AAR of the event;)

As several of our members have got SAGA armys we decided to move the seting forward a couple of hundred years and use a Welsh and a Viking warband.

The Welsh used the Romano-British stats and the Vikings used the Saxon ones. We also altered the configuration of the warbands some due to the minis we had, I have made a small point value schedule to calculate the composition of the warbands.


Warlord "Torgeir the Red" and his Champion "Varg"
He had brought he´s two hephews to lead his men.
4x6 Hirdmen (Elit warriors)

Warlord "Engelbert the Bold" and his Champion "Aderyn"
He had also brought two relatives as help to lead his men.
1x6 Elit Warriors
2x6 Warriors
2x6 Levys
1x4 Skirmishers

One again we run the Farm raid scenario, The Vikings got 3 moves befor the game started.

The Vikings had just landed on the beach and hurried to move against the defenseless little welsh farm to get some fresh sheeps...

Torgeir the Red shoose to move through the fileds...not the fastest rout...

As the first group of Viking raiders reaches the farm and start to search the house for plunder the Welsh Warlord Engelbert the Bold and his bold men emerge from behind the forest...

As Torgeir the Red joins the pilagers in the houses the Welsh close in on all sides of the farm, just one lone group of Vikings lure behind the farmhouses douptful of what to do as they been left withouit any heroes to show the way...

The viking hirdmen left without any leadership was a easy prey for Engelbert the Bold that after a short but intense fight chase them away...

At the same time there are a hard fight going on around the small hovel... 

The first group of Vikings to enter the farm have struck gold...or at least some sheeps that they start to haul forward the beach and the ships...

To save there beloved sheeps a bold group of Welsh warriors charges the Vikings that are on there way to the beach, they let the loot go and meet up the Welsh Warriors...

Torgeir the Red start to feel overwhelm and start to get his men out of the farmhouse to be able to meet the threat...

The Vikings fighting on the farmyard do good and starts to were down the Welshmen...but at the Hovel the Vikings starts to get beaten up...

Engelbert the Bold  are nowere to be seen...

The few Vikings that were left at the hovel start to run for saftey, shasing some innocent sheeps before them...

Torgeir the Red order his hirdmen to get the looted sheeps at the farmyard and run for it...TO THE SHIPS!!!

Engelbert the Bold returning just in time to see some of the sheeps to be draged of to an uncertain destiny...

Good work boys ! at least we got some real god action and some sheeps to dinner... Torgeir the Red didn´t won the day but he got some plunder and only small losses, he will be back in a mont or so...

Engelbert the Bold was proud of his men, many untrained but still they fought well in the struggle against the sea raiders only loosing 6 of his men he still had a strong force and with some reinforcements he would be ready to meet new threats to his realm within a month or so...

This was a very nice game, I think several of the participants will play more Dux Britanniarum especialy if we make a Viking era campaign of it. This was my second game and I think the rules worked realy good even as there was 4 rookiess to them....worked very good with 2 players aside to.


  1. It is always with great pleasure that I read your AAR, congratulations for the photos and, of course, for the minis and terrain!

  2. Dux Britanniarum seems to be a really great game.
    Thanks for all these nice pictures ;)


  3. Great report

    Is it easy to change the game to different peripd as i too have saga minis?

    Also are there PVs in the book so you dont have to use the standard starter armies to begin with?

    Cheers great AAR!

  4. Thanks !

    Glad you liked it:)

    In my mind it´s easy to migrate dux to other periods, tha authour Rich have writen a small article about it in the TFL Summer special 2012.

    Therer are no point values in the rules just the 2 starter armys, but I have created my own point values based on the info in the rules and the composition of the 2 starter armies. I´ll post can post them here at the blog later on.

    Best regards Michael

  5. Another excellent AAR, so nicely illustrated with your great figures and scenery.

  6. I keep putting the same comment on this blog:

    Great report and great pics!

  7. Great AAR

    you painting and terrain is Great as always.



  8. That's a fantastic AAR, Michael. Super terrain and wonderful figures as well. Sheep and cattle are always fun to have wandering around the table inviting capture!

  9. Interesting. I like a lot this rulebook and period, and your AAR is very useful. Now, to rebase a lot of models...

  10. Thanks Mates!

    @Juan Might not be necessary to rebase befor you tryed them out, to see if you like long as you keep track of the losses in each unit.

    Not nice to re-base a lot of minis just to discover that you dont like the rules...

    Best regards Michael

  11. An excellent report and a nice looking table to boot. I really like the Celtic roundhouses you have there.

  12. Thanks! glad you like the AAR:)

    The houses are from Vatican Enterprises,

    Best regards Michael

  13. Another entertaining report! Thanks alot.