Monday, January 7, 2013

Starting with the Mohawks

I have started to sort out my christmas gift, the Mohawk warparty from Galloping Major.

They have now all been glued to round 20mm bases from Warbases and are up for priming, then the painting will begin...

I hope to have them all painted by the end of February, as I think it will take some more time to paint the Warpainting on them.

My and Jonas FIW project might have started a Muskets & Tomahawk hype at our club... I poste the first post about it at our forum today and just in a couple of houres at least 4 other members have stated that they will join in for som FIW skirmish gaming, seem like this will be the club project for the spring of 2013:)


  1. You will enjoy the rules, great fun

  2. I'm working on my french Indian stuff at present. I'm a tad tempted by using it for Jacobite gaming too...
    best wishes

  3. Looking forward to seeing them painted.

  4. Interesting page the Northern one,inspiring ideas.
    i have some 28mm swedes for the Napoleonic period but they are oldish ,although having a certain charm.There is a drummer with a dog and a mtd officer with a tankard too.

  5. I hope to to enjoy the rules, they seem wery nice at a first read through...have to speed up my painting so I can get started to play...

    Northern Wargamin are a indeed a good blog:)

    Best regards Michael

  6. You're off to a nice start Michael!

    I'm a little ahead of you with my French force, but it's slow going as they are so full of details it seems to take forever to paint them.

    1. Thanks Jonas

      Good to hear that you have started you painting, I´m eager to get started with the playing:)

      As I use to I will of course neglect some of the details...

      best regards Michael

  7. Yeah! This genre is ace.

    I've got a load of Galloping and Conquest lying around.. don't know if I'll ever get there.

    I'm tempted by doing it in 18mm instead using Blue Moon's 18mm guys