Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Minis for the Finnish War - Russians

For my new Finnish War 1808-1809 project I will of course use 28mm minis:)

For the Russians it was quite easy as Brigade Games have bought and produce the old Vitrix metal range sculped by the talanted Paul Hicks.

So I ordered a pack each of these packs:
  • Russian Chasseur command 1805-1808 
  • Russian Chasseurs firing 1805-1808
  • Russian line infantry command marching 1805-1808 
  • Russian Musketeers Firing 1805-1808 
  • Russian mounted/foot colonels 1805-1808
These packs are giving me 16 Jaegers, 16 Line infantry and 3 senior Officers, enought for some small skirmish games.

If I want to expand the Russians I might get me a pack of the Warlord Napoleonic Wars: Russian Line Infantry (1809-15) plastic boxed set. Maybe alsoe some Perry Plastic French Hussars, should work fine as Russians to, at least for me that don´t are a expert in the napoleonic era.

I have started to paint the Russian Jaegers so here are a work in progress picture of them.

After a wash of Dewland Mud...

The First starts to get a green high light


  1. Even if the last picture is a bit blurry I'm quite sure that it will be a great new project!
    Keep 'em coming

    1. I certanly will!

      dont want to expoce my minis right away;)

      Glad you follow my project !

  2. Another curious and interesting project. Very nice these russians!

  3. Nice to see some work in progress! Those Paul Hicks sculpts are great.