Thursday, April 24, 2014

FUBA - Tactical Football Game

No I don´t change the focus of my blog, but I stumbeled over a game I thought I had to share with you. Even if i´m not a football fan I do enjoy a good and interesting game even one that simulate football ;)

So I will try to tell you about FUBA that is a tactical football simulation board game for 2 players. In the game you act as the head coach and choose the strategy for your team as well as trying to do the best of that strategy on the football field.

When you have learned the rules, that might feel a little bit cumbersome for people that are not used to read wargaming rules, you will have a smart, fast-paced game that takes on the world’s number one sport from a tactical view.

As I´m not realy in to football I more see the players as my troops that are attacking/defending on the right, center och left flank, making force accumulation on one flank to be able to puch forward and score victory...goal... and I doo indeed find it very entertaining :)

The game is resolved quicker than a real match, in less than an hour. FUBA is played in turns, with an average of 23 turns per each half. The player controlling the ball chooses the action his team will go for, and then both players roll the dice to see the outcome. After this, both players move their team according to the tactics they have chosen. There is always a small chance of random events such as a yellow or red card. If you want to go deeper in to the rules you can download them here in English, Finnish, German or Italian.

The game are packaged in a tube, rather inovative and very good to keep the 40x60cm flexible rubber board football field in shape. All the game tookens (20+2 players and 3 referees) are in wood and there are also 3 dice (2 ordinary dice and one ball dice), 16 tactic cards, one red card and a english rulebook included in the game.

The price for the game are €37 + postage, might feel like a bit high at first but considering the quality of the compnents and that the game, that are a labour of love from some fellow wargamers in Finland, are only printed in 500 copys I think it is very well worth the cash.

If you decid to get a copy of FUBA be sure to consider to sign up for the FUBA World Cup 2014 in Helsinki Olympic Stadium in Finland 7-8 June !

You can order your own copy of FUBA and also find more info about FUBA and the FUBA World Cup at U&P Games site.


  1. Looks like an interesting game Michael. Even though I'm like you and not that into football ...

  2. Looks really cool Micke, I've played my fair share of Championship Manager back in high school (neglecting class of course) Allez les Bleus!

  3. It's well done and very tempting.