Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New miniature release from Ådalen Miniatures

Ksp m/14

My dear friend Björn that run Ådalen Miniatures have released the second batch of 28mm Interwar Swedish miniatures. This time Support weapons and some additional poses for the riflemen.

The MG and Mortar are available in the Ådalen miniature webbshop, but I din´t see any cood for the sitting riflemen or SMG armed NCO, but I´m sure they come soon.

Grenade launcher m/29

Machinegun m/14


NCO with SMG m/37 
(a bit late but several prototypes of the SMG m/37 was in use during the 1930´s)

Riflemen with a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) or as we in Sweden called it "Kg m/21"

Two additional kneeing riflemen


  1. Seems the government forces will soon be getting better armed.

  2. I can see then being pressed into action in double quick time!

  3. These do look very nice and it is good to see the range grow

  4. Michael, I hate to use words like "saw you coming", but the timing does seem suspiciously good in light of your recent blog posts...

    They look great - Björn clearly knows there's a market for quality interwar sculpts!