Saturday, February 14, 2015

Song of Blades and Heroes AAR

Some weeka ago Jonas set up a couple of Fantasy games for us using the Song of Blades and Heroes rules. As it was some time ago I don+t really remeber what happend but I at least have a bunch of pictures from the two games we played during an very nice wargaming evening.

We added the reaction rules from some of Andreas Sfiligoi´s later rules, in short if an minit fails any of its activation dice the one of the opponents minis may try to make an reaction activation with as many dice as the opponent failed, after that the active player continues his turn. Worked really good and give a more fluid game.

The first game 

The objective was that we both should locate some kind of ancient treasure...

I used my force of Fantasy Crusaders and Jonas had a force of Wildling even with a shaman.

Crusader Hero and Leader

Wildling Hero and Leader..or if it was the Shaman that was the tru leader...or his wife...

Everyone ruched for the different treasure location, but the ones that draw the longest straw was one of the Crusader crossbowmen, the one in the lower corner of the picture

To cover his escape with the tresaure two stoic billmen engage a mounted wildling.

and the two leaders settled their scores in the center...

The wildling leader was so weak that he had to get reinforcements...

More monuted wildlings engaded and tried to get by to catch the fleeing crossbowmen with the tresaure, but he managed to escape and bring the Crusaders a victory :)

Second Game

 Second game was an escort mission there the Crusaders should cross the area and escape by the bridge with the pack horse that contained the tresaure erlier won.

The Crusader force was the same but the Wildlings had more mounted men this time and alos got to divide his force to be able to ambush from two sides...

The Wildlings was fast moving against the crusaders, and the Crusader leader and his squire rode out to approach them... the infantry and the treashure could take another rout...

Wildlings on small ponys was no match for a Crusader Knight on a true warhorse...

But the wildling ponys are fast som they soon had engaged the infantry...

...and snatched the packhorse...

The Crusader leader tried to catch-up...

Fast moving with the pack horse leaving all Wildlings behng and seeing the bridge and safety close by...

But as victory was so neare...two wildlings manage to intercept and engage the Heroic crusader slaying him...

The Wildlings grab the pack horse once again and the Crusader squire tries in vain to stop him...

The Wildlings manage to escape with the Crusaders packhorse and tresure...

Two very nice and fun game, first one was a little bit cimbersome as we had to look in the rules quite much but for the second one all the basics was in place and the game was really fast paced.


  1. Nice looking game and the overgrowth on the ruins are great.

    And its nice to see your fantast crusaders again. Was some time since we last saw those.

    Cheers/ Jonas

  2. Great setup and excellently painted figures. SOBH is one of my favourite games at present. Quick, simple and versatile.

    Cheers, Ross

  3. Nice reports with splendid terrains!

  4. Great to see some "Song of..." action. As you know we've had some fun with the Napoleonic version.
    I have yet to try the medieval/fantasy version. In general I often find skirmish gaming with small numbers of models that acts individually to work better with missile weapons than with close combat dito but it sure seems like you had some fun games.

  5. Great photos; yet another set of rules I'd like to try out someday.

  6. Michael, you sure host some wonderful looking games.

  7. The 'Songs of' rules look great fun to play and are awaiting some minis to actually get a game in with!

  8. Great looking game, and nice to see Jonas' wonderful terrain in action!

  9. Some great AAR's stumbled into SBH recently a great set of rules.

  10. Cool game. You got to stop inspiring me. My Gamer AD HD and wallet just can not handle it.

  11. Excellent work sir. Very impressive figures and terrain. Did you enjoy the SoBaH rules?

  12. Great AAR. Those Crusaders are wonderful. I´m very interested too in SBH.

  13. Great looking minis and terrain and the game looks fun to :)

  14. Thanks for posting this excellent AAR! I think you got the most important parts right at least. ;)

    It was good to finally get a game in and to use my fantasy war band together with my new terrain. I'm thinking about a couple of follow-up scenarios to continue the tale.

    Regarding the SoBH rules I think they're nice enough, giving a quick game without too much hassle. However, as a result of the "stripped down" nature of the rules they're also a bit bland, and I wouldn't want to play them too often.

  15. Great battle scenes and a good description of the event

  16. Lovely looking game! Especially like what you have done with the (GW?) ruins there!

  17. You're battlereports are still great..Great looking games