Monday, March 9, 2015

Swedish Gold Coast 1650 - Native Musketeers

Next up for my Cabo Corso, Swedish Goald Coast 1650 project that are a part of my playtest of Dan Merseys new Colonial rules The Men Who Would Be Kings  are 4 groups of 6 minis with Native Musketeers...

As this little project are on a budget I did som kitbashing to get me the Native Musketees to look at least a bit like the ones in the Johan Vilde comic books, most of them was drawn with metal helmets... must be hot in Africa... but I go for african Tribals in outdated european helmets to:)

I used the Bodys from the Perry Sudan box (Thanks Björn), Heads from the Perry Late meadeaval box and Matchlocks from a Warloard TYW Imperial box (Thanks Mattias).

The first 3 units of 6 minis will represent Irregular Native Musketeers from several tribes that the European traded muskets so they could enslave their neigboring tribes and sell them as slaves to the Europeans.

I tried to paint them "Uniform" as several of the Gold Coast tribes was very advanced Kingdoms with standing armys of several thousend.

This last group have got a bitt better snaplock or flintlock muskets and will represent the groups of villians that was in mercenary service of the europeans and most often lived in the costal towns and was outcasts from their tribes.


  1. Very cool figures Michael! Great work with using bits from several boxes!

  2. Very creative kit-bashing with some great results to show for!

  3. Absolutely brilliant, congratulations!

  4. Very nice kit-bashing – great looking troops!

  5. I can see that you are going to have alot of work infront of you :) Great work Michael!

  6. Really cool figures, fantastic conversions!

  7. Excellent work, what a great mish-mash of figures!

  8. Thank you mateys !

    I really like to build plastics, at least when it is a limited number of minis...

  9. Very cool idea and an awesome result.