Sunday, February 5, 2017

Death in the Snow - AAR, The Pikeman´s Lament, Great Northern War

My mateys Jesper and Pål have been working on a Greate Northern War project revoling around the failed Swedish Attack at Trondheim in Norway (Norway was a part of Denmark at the time) during 1718/19. They decidied to go all snow in this project and it look greate.

So when we had a Teemu over from Finland, visiting us at the club, we thought we sould run a game of The Pikeman´s Lament using Jesper and Pål´s stunning terrain and minis.

The gaming session was a real internationa meet as the players that participate was from Sweden, Finland, England and USA :)

We run a simple retreat and hold mission there the defending Norwegian soldiers from the Trondheim Garrison had to retreat to the fence line and stop the Swedish attack...

OOB - Denmark-Norway

1st Company (Jesper)
2 units of Shot @ 4 points each (may form close order)
1 unit of Forlorn Hope @ 6 points (grenadiers)

2nd Company (Andy)
2 units of Shot @ 4 points each (may form close order)
1 unit of Field Artillery @ 6 points (allready deployed at the final defence line)

OOB - Sweden

1st Company (Ulf)
1 unit of Raw Pike @ 3 points
2 units of Raw Shot @ 3 points each

2nd Company (Mark)
2 units of Agressive Gallopers @ 4 points each

3rd Company (Teemu)
1 unit of Pikes @ 4 points
1 unit of Shot @ 4 points
2 units of Forlorn Hope @ 6 points each (grenadiers)

I will let the pictures talk for them selfs, but I can say that Andy in command of the 1st Norwegian Company rolled several double 1´s in the beginning of the game and had to send one of his units back to Tronheim to cleanind fish for supper...

It also seems like the Nowegians had mis understod the orders to retreat as quickley as possible to the defensive line as they started to engage the advancing Swedes with musket fire... Bad ideea to let the Swedish Horse engage them in the open... I just say... and the victory goes to...



  1. Looks superb: love the snow terrain.

  2. That looks really awesome Michael!

  3. That is truly outstanding! Amazing looking game Michael.

  4. Wow. Beautiful stuff. And the 1718 campaign is a great choice for gaming.

  5. A small AAR in my blog as well:

  6. Such a lovely table! You guys know how to do it, nicely done.

  7. Terrific looking table - looks like everyone had a ball!

  8. Great pictures and beautifully done terrain and figures. It sounds like a fun game.

  9. Lovely pictures. I can only agree with the rest on the quality of the minis and the terrain.

    I'm so torn between what my Pikeman's Lament armies would be for. Polish War, 30 Years War or Scanian War...

    1. You should do the polish wars! Its an amazing opportunity to play small scale battles that defined the deluge!:)

  10. My poor countrymen wiped out.
    This is what happens when brave norwegians are under the command of foreigners! ;)

    Fantastic terrain and painting!