Sunday, September 10, 2017

Some more Blood rage minis for my Nordic fantasy project

Havent been much painting or gaming lately, but I have managed to paint some more of the big guys from the Blood Rage board game. This time 2 giants or Jötnar. The dark one I reccon is Surtr the greatest of the Eldjötunn (Fire giant) that comes from Musphelheim, he is armed with a fire sword that are told to have an emense power of destruction.

The Second giant mini should probably be a Bergjötunn (Mountain Giant) but I felt he looken like the god Thor, so he will be the god of thunder with his hammer Mjolnir :)

Friday, September 8, 2017

Pike and shot command group sculped by my matey Thomas

I want to congratulate my matey Tomas that have had his first miniatures releasen for the Warlord games Pike and Shot range.

I rely like the look of the minis and i looking forward to see more of Tomas sculpes  released in the future.

They are perfect for The Pikemans Lament:) and i would reccon they have to be consider as "Official TPL minis ;) " you can order them here.