Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Building a Galley and gameboard for Displaygame this weekend...

Been quite busy the last week as I have been working on a Russian galley and a 180x360cm game board for a Display game of the Battle at Stäket 1719 this weekend, its 299 years sins the battle and the Battlefield museum HAMN have a bunch of activetys and free entrance both Sunday 12/8 and Monday 13/8.

Yes we run the Battle at Stäket 1719 at Salute this year, but the splendind terrain and Gelleys that Jan built are in England so i had to do a quick and dirty build to be able to set-up the game.

The game board took me about 12 hours to make and the galley about the same amount of time, finished the painting of the Galley, that are in 1:50 scale, today and now I will focus on smaller details for the battle.

Below a bunch of pictures from my work.


  1. Great work,the galley is fantastic.

  2. Too bad the original terrain is still in England. It was so beautiful. But it seems that the new terrain will be nice too. Good luck.

  3. RYSSEN KOMMER!!! Nicely done, especially the galley.

  4. Great looking galley and terrain!
    Best Iain