Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Winner of the giveaway

Appreciate all givaway enterier and all very nice comments about my blog, thaks !

So to the bribes prizes... After the prize draw I ended up with 12 ! winners. I have tried to devide the different prizes as good as possible according to the winners preference, wasn´t that in some cases I have devided the prize between two, want to give you all prizes, I hope you cope to share :)

...and the winner is...

Bishop Lord that win the Fighting Monks, 1

Rodger that win the WW2 Americans, Sniper, Flamer anf Rifle Grenade, 2

Michael Mills that win half of the Bronsage command, 3

Furt that win the other half of the Bronsage command, 3

Þorsteinn á Heiðini  that win the WW2 Americans, Flamer, 2xSnipers, 4

Engel that win one of the Saladins. 5

Andrew Saunders that win the other Saladin as ther can only be one boss around... 5

Monty that win some Tits...or at least 2 female warriors showing them, 6

Michael Awdry that win Highlanders, 7

Chris Stoesen that win the Extra Impetus 2 book, 8

Simon Miller that win a Centurion for his Romans enterprize, 9

Extra bonus prize to:
Phil that seems to be a DBA army man and win my leftover 15mm DBA minis if he want´s them?

Congratulation to all the winners. please send me your adress to and I will get the prizes posted.

If you by some reason don´t want your prize please let me know and I will pass it on to someone other and the same if you don´t contact 
me at all to claim your prize I will pass them on to some one
 else after the 15 June 2014.


  1. Congratulations there to the winners and it has confirmed that I am a loser, lol.

  2. I am absolutely thrilled Michael, thank you; and congratulations to all the other winners.

  3. Wow, cool !
    Many thanks, Michael, and many congrats to all other winners!


  4. Thank you very much Michael! I will be in contact.

  5. shoot. Completely forgotten to enter this draw. Ah well. Shame on me, and congrats to the winners

  6. Woo! Thanks for this, will send details.

  7. Nice one Michael and congratulations to all the winners!

  8. WHOOP WHOOP!! thanks for that. :-)


  9. Many thanks Michael! Email sent. :-) Simon

  10. Well done, Michael.

    Tell that other Monty to get painting on his prize. I'm looking forward to seeing his results!

  11. Congratulations to all the winners!!!