Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wasa Defense Corps

In my miniature cabinet I have had some 28mm Finnish World War 2 miniatures that I painted some 10 years ago, I now found a new use for them in our "A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict" club project.

Based on this quote of a telephone call that was made by the Commander of Vasa Defence Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Martin Ekström, the morning after the shooting in Ådalen 1931 to the his friend and newspaper man in Stockholm Otto Järte:

"Here it says in the papers that it is full rebellion of the red in Ådalen and that the position is serious. If the Swedish authorities can not handle the situation, I am prepared to within twelve hours mobilize my seven battalions defence corps here in Ostrobothnia, around 7,000 men. I can also seize all sea vessels in Ostrobothnian ports and over ship with necessary supplies to Ådalen."

Lieutenant Colonel Martin Ekström

They never sent the troops that time, BUT as in our story the Ådalen events escalated in to a full conflict I´m sure that Lieutenant Colonel Ekström would have sent at least some troops to Sweden to fight the reds, especially as he still was a Swedish citizen with his roots in Dalarna/Darlecarlia.

So now my Finnish soldiers will represent the Wasa Defense Corps fighting for the White side in our very moderate Swedish conflict. I have given them a white arm band and a new base.

Here are a picture of the minis that are divided in to Leader with a 8 men Rifle Squad and a 6 men LMG Squad, about 200 points for our rules. All minis from Black Tree Designs.

You will see more of them in the next AAR...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dalkulla painted and ready for a game

During the weekend I managed to paint my "Dalkulla" of course in the traditional Swedish colour "Falu Röd"(Falu Red). Here are som pictures of my electrical sub station (Dalkulla)

...and a picture of the original that inspired my build...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict AAR #5

I haven´t finised the painting of the "Dalkulla" yet, so I´ll give you an short AAR from last weeks test game of my rules for our "A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict" club project. I have  continued to use the rules I have put together by using the best parts of Muskets and Tomahawk, Triumph and Tragedy, Mud and Blood and of course some of my own ideeas.

This time there were 3 players on each side and the rules got a good  run through and test.

The gaming area was 180x120cm and we used 450ish points forces.

OOB White force (Regular Swedish Army)

Stosstruppe Beironsson (Swedish Army)
Leader: Reitmeister Beironsson, Cavalry and Tactician.
2x6 Regulars, Bolt Action Rifles and 1 Automatic Rifle
1x3 Regulars with Medium Mortar

Stosstruppe Knös (Swedish Army)
Leader: Second Lieutenant Larsson, acompnied by Nurse Sigrid and her SMG...
1x5 Regulars, Bolt Action Rifles and 1 Automatic Rifle
1x8 Militia, Bolt Action Rifles, Grenades and a SMG

Bladmyr Textiles Militia from Strängnäs
Leader: Chief Designer Mjältbring,
1x12 Militia Bolt Action Rifles and 1 Automatic Rifle
1 Card-Loyd Armour Carrier with HMG

OOB Red force (Socialist Miners Union Militia)

"Gruvettan" Mining Union Militia from Grängesberg
Leader: Union Leader Engelbrektsson, Determined and acompanied by the Union Banner.
2x6 Militia, Bolt Action Rifles and 1 Light Machine Gun
1x9 Dynamitards, Bolt Action Rifles, Grenades and a Heawy Flamer operated by 2 of the Dynamitards
1x4 Militia with a HMG
1 Card-Loyd Armour Carrier with Anti-Tank Rifle

Fagersta Red Guard
Leader:  Baroness Sparre, acompanied by Political Commissar Kurt.
1x8 Militia, Bolt Action Rifles
1x Armoured Truck with a LMG and 8 men carrying capacity

The White side have been ordered to secure Miss Elviras "Bro Kiosken" (Filling Station), the bridge and the road passing by to make it possible for a very important transport to pass by, but ofcourse the main reason for Ryttmästare Beironson to accept the mission was thet he would get a chanse to visit young and beautiful Miss Elvira Johansson  "Bro Kiosken" and try to explain way he fell of his horse the other day....

The Red side has once again been sent to the "Bro Kiosken" by the Young Eagles Leader Erland Thageson to get some candy and sweets that hi had promised his young fighters in  game #3...

Situation after the first activations. Stosstruppe Beironsson have made a catuious advance on the other side of the bridge, i.e the white sides left flank. Stosstruppe Knös made a swift advance in the center and secured the two woods at "Bro Kiosken" and the Bladmyr Textiles Militia started to advance on the right flank keeping their Carrier in support on the road.

The Red force concentrated all their troops on the nearest side of the bridge with "Gruvettan" on both sides of the road and Fagersta Röda Garde making a dashing mobile advancement with blasing guns along the road to "Bro Kiosken"...

Union Leader Engelbrektsson taking cover behind a small cottage as the Red Guard make a swift advance along the road.

The Bladmyr Textiles Militia dont want to ruin their new Uniforms so they make a catuious advance throught th field under firm command of Chief Designer Mjältbring in his stylish pigeon-blue uniform.

To Miss Elviras great dissapointment? Reitmeister Beironsson didn´t advance his troops any further... Might he had missunderstod the orders or was he to embarrassed to meet Miss Elvira...any how he deployed his Mortar and started to plunge grenades on the other side of the river...

In a cloud of road dust and with blazing guns the Fagersta Red Guards dissembarke just outside the "Bro Kiosken" The Red Victory was close by...

With greateer number and in cover of a Stone wall the Bladmyr Textiles Militia easy out shooted a group of "Gruvettan" Militia...

Inspired by their comrades in Fagersta Red Guard the rest of the "Gruvettan" units joined in on the all out assault towards "Bro kiosken"...

At the same time dissaster struck for "Gruvettan" as the Bladmyr Textiles Militia cunningly had sneaked up on the Union Leader Engelbrekt and overwhelmed him in a Close Assault and took him prissoner...

But that was not the end to the dissasters that affected the Red... The White Mortars in conjunction with the troops from Stosstruppe Knös that was protecting the "Bro kiosken" took a greate toll on the Red Forces...the Fagersta Red Guard was almost disintegrated and "Gruvettan" took to the run...better fight a nother day...or what they was jibbering about...

Victorious Bladmyr Textiles Militia esscort the "Gruvettan" Leader Engelbrekt to interrogation...

The end of the fighting...and still no candy for the Young Eagles...

We had a greate game, at least I hope so;)  The rules worked quite well, I will gather the feed back recived and have a run through of them and a new test game, you will ofcourse get a AAR here:)

Now back to painting the "Dalkulla"...

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Dalkulla By Zorn ?

I have been working on some more typical Swedish terrain, this time a "Dalkulla".

Now a short lesson in Swedish for dummies: Dalkulla, Dal=Dalarna (The Region Dalecarlia), Kulla=unmarried girl (the word are used in Dalecarlian dialect), so Dalkulla mean unmarried girl from the region Dalarna in Sweden,  simple as that;)

BUT  it is also the Nickname for the small utility stations that could be found around Dalarna and also in the surounding regions.

Here are a picture of a "Dalkulla" that are standing in my home village, it was in use in to the 1980´s unfortunally it isn´t taken care of.

And below are some pictures of the different building stages, now its just some details and painting left.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two man Flamer Team and Mobile A-T Rifle

The last days I have painted the Two man Flamer Team and Mobile A-T Rifle that I have converted as reinforcements for my Socialist Miner Union Militia "Gruvettan" for our A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict" club project.

The 2 men Heavy Flamer team, made out of 2 Musketeer Miniatures Militia minis from pack BCW06 Worker Militia Command.

The mobile A-T Rifle was made out of a "Carden Loyd Carrier with Oerlikon gun and crew trailer" with the Oerlikon gun mounted on the Carrier.

Ofcourse painted in the distinctively orange coloure I use for my Miners as the vehicle used have been used in the Grängesberg Mine for transport of Miners and now have been rallied for service abow earth:)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reinforcements for the Miners Militia

I have converted some minis for the reinforcements of my Socialist Miner Union Militia "Gruvettan" for our A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict" club project.

First we have a 2 men Heavy Flamer team, made out of 2 Musketeer Miniatures Militia minis from pack BCW06 Worker Militia Command.

I also thought that the Miners needed some troop transpor. So I ordered a realy lovely model "Carden Loyd Carrier with Oerlikon gun and crew trailer" BUT the Trailer was missing...havent heard from them in more then 20 days...hope it will be sorted out soon... 

Anyway I decided to mount the Oerlikon gun on the Carrier to get a mobile A-T rifle, can always be handy:)

Please also have a look at my friend Björns blog Ådalen Miniatures there can you see a WIP picture of some of the new minis he have commisioned to expand his Ådalen Miniature Range i.e.28mm interwar Swedish Army miniatures.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wooden Suspension Bridge #3 Finished :)

Here are a bunch of pictures of the my finished Wooden Suspension Bridge...or at least god enought to game with as I havent fixed any Suspensions yet...

Last picture are a sneak peak of the gaming table for the up comming AAR of the latest game I run in our Very Moderate Swedish Conflict, but you have to give me a week or so to fix it up.