Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Burrows and Badgers

Jonas, David and I had a go at Burrows and Badgers last week. I got me a few of the lovely Burrows and Badgers minis from Oathsworn miniatures at Salute erlier this year, but havent come around to paint them up untill during this summer, so it was time to test them out.

The rules are very charmy and give good games, really like the idee to make it possible for small animals to beat the big ones by the bonus for perfect scores, i.e. small animals have D4 and D6 and big ones D8 and D10 but if you roll max on your dice you may add +7 so even with a D4 you can beat a D10.

The only real drawback are that i find it hard to find my way around the rules, but I probably havent got the thought behind the layout yet... I still recomend the rules as they give very noce games with in an exellent setting.

We played two games, First Jonas against David, Jonas had a small warband of just 4 minis, but they was big... David had more a bunch of small mices under command of a Big hound. They played the Mouse-Hunt scenario and was all lured by the cunning burgler mouse Gromley.

In the Second game Jonas and I played out a scenario there my warband under command of Sheriff Frog and his Veasels hemchmen that was to protect the Kings taxes they had gathered... and they managed with their task stoping a band of no good mercernaries from stealing the Kings taxes :)

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Konsum - 15mm rural grosery store 1980´s Sweden

Had to build me some Swedish 15mm terrain for our Cold War games so decided to build me a classic Swedish 1980´s rural grosery store "Konsum". The small orange thing are a public telephone both "Telefonkiosk" as this was back in the days before mobiles etc... I remember them from when I was a kid.