Friday, October 7, 2022



Long time sins my last blogpost, been mainly playing Stargrave and now started up a new small project Turnip28. Turnip28 are the artist Max FitzGerald´s dark fantasy napoleonic root vegetables game setting, very odd but lovely. You can find the rules for free and lots of inspiration at Mas patreon page. I sent the rule .pdf to get it printed and bound in A5 format, turned out wery nice.

I loved the strange mix of napoleonic and medieval when I first noticed Turnip28, so I opted to make me 10-20 minis for some skirmish games but was apperantly absolved by the root vegetables and now I finished my firtst Regiment (26minis and a gun), the second regiment are in progress as well as some terrain.

Below a bunch of pictures of my regiment, 101e Garde Carotte, first we have the Snobs (leaders) 1 Toff (the senior officer) and 2 Toady´s (junior Officers) and there followers in this case 1 Stum gun artillery, 1 unit of Brutes with black powder weapons (elite) and 1 units of Fodder (not so elite...) one with black poder weapons and one with close combat weapons.