Sunday, February 25, 2018

Rebels for ACW

I painted some more Rebs for my Rebels and Patriots ACW force, this time some basic infantry, the should represent troops from Louisiana. As it seems several of the early war Louisiana Infantry used blue uniforms, thath they later was ordered to turn in side out due to friendly fire incidents, I painted them in a mix of blue, gray and beige tones.

For Rebels and Patriots they will be fielded as Line Infantry with 12 minis in each unit and one of them also have the Officer included.

Most minis from the Perry plastic box "ACW 120 American Civil War Union Infantry in sack coats Skirmishing 1861-65"

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Arrived with the post today - Swdish Line Infantry 1808-09

It have been a long wait, today I got them, the first 4 packs of Swedish Line Infantry for the Finnish War made by Alan Perry. Alan have done a greate work and I know he got invaluable information from Martin at the Swedish Army museum that are a true expert in the matter of Swedish Napoleonic Uniforms. Looking forward to more minis in the range, rumours telling Cavalry, in time we will see.

Not decided how to paint them, the one I converted my self i painted in the Swedish regiment "Upplands Regiment" so I reccon I will go for a Finnish regiment this time, probably "Björneborgs regiment" 

By the way if you by any chanse missed it, by 1808 Sweden and Finland was one contry - Sweden, and had been so for about 500 years. Finland was the eastern part of Sweden and by the loss of the Finnish War in 1809 and thereby the loss of Finland the Swedish Kingdom lost 25% of its population and 1/3 of its teritorry

Napoleonic Swedish Army 1808-09 
28mm metal figures designed by Alan Perry
SWED 1 Infantry command advancing 1808-09
SWED 2 Infantry marching 1808-09
SWED 3 Infantry command standing 1808-09
SWED 4 Infantry firing line 1808-09

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Flying Orks and Gobos

I found a box of 40K Ork Stormboyz to a discounte price at the local game shop so I got it to add some Flying Orcs to my son Davids Ork force.

In the box there was only 5 minis and I wanted 6 as we use the "Rampant" system for our Sci-fi games. Fortunate there was 2 gobos in the box that made it possible for me to build a gobo rocket plane.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

2 month left for Salute 2018

Just 2 month left for Salute 2018... here are the latest terrain up-date from Jan and also some of the first Swedes that Jan has painted for the project.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Russian casualtys for Battle at Stäket 1719

A while back I build me some russian casualty bases, out of Wargames factory plastic minis, for our Salute 2018 game, "Battle at Stäket 1719! Painted the and gave them a bloody nose.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

American Light Dragoons AWI

I have had them primed for about 4-5 years but never come around to paint them... but with the Rebels and Patriots rules in the pipeline I decide it was time to give them some love. The minis are from Foundrys AWI range (Sculped by Alan Perry) pack: AWI026 - Dragoons Command and AWI025 - Dragoons In Helmets. It dosent say wich of the Continental Dragoon regiemnt they are but as far as I know they looks like 3rd Light Dragoons so that is the way i tried to paint them for my Rebels and Patriots Light cavalry unit..

In the background you can see a Light infantry mini in chain helmet that also are from Foundry and pack: AWI044 - British Infantry Command In Chain Helmets. I only got that mini from the pack as I belive he was included as a sample mini in my order. I have painted him as a member of the british legion as I have hopes to paint more British Loyalists.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!

NO it is not Richard III but a Frensh Officer from the Frank-Prussian war that are in desperate need of a new horse. The mini are "Mort du Commandant Berbegier" from the Eagles of Empire range.