Thursday, September 27, 2018

Two Big Fellows

two more of my latest painted fantasy minis a treemen made out of a Disny Infinity mini and a well grown viking fighter that are a Fire Forge minis for their Fantasy Fotball team. Pictures below.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Wargames Illustrated Issue 372 October Edition 2018

Seems like Jan and my article/scenario about our Salute 2018 game Battle at Stäket 1718 made it in to the Wargames Illustrated Issue 372 October Edition 2018, be sure pick up a copy :)

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Orcs, Elfs and Barbarians

Sorry for not posting much lately, even so i haven´t been idle but trying to give some time for several small forgotten projects. Below some pictures of a bunch of fantasy minis i been painting for Dragon Rampant.

First you have 12 orcs, think the minis are from Mantic games, I added some GW shields, then you have pictures of 18 Elfs, old and newer GW minis and last you have 4 barbarians from Zombicide Black Plauge.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Finnish War 1808-09 Swedish cavalry by Perry

The postman brought me some new shiny stuff tiday, the latest Perry Napoleonic Swedes for the Finnish War 1808-1809. This time Alan have focused on the main two cavalry units that was deployed in Finland, The Karelian dragoons and the Nyland dragoons. 

Both units had similar uniform and equipment but to differ them a bit more than theri headgear the Karelian dragoons are sculped with open jackets, looking greate in my mind. The Karelian dragoons have Bicorne and the Nyland dragoons have shako. 

The 3 minis in each code are delivered with 3 horses in different poses,  it is the same 3 horse poses in all four codes. 

Over all I really like the look of the Cavalry Alan has made and I´m so pleased that he started working on the Swedish Napoleonic range and that Martin at the swedish army museum can provide Alan with so good information regarding the uniforms. More Swedish minis to come I heard :)

Below a bunch of pictures of the minis right from the boxes.

From 1807 no Swedish cavalry carried carbines or musketoons but was armed with Saber and a pair of pistols.  

The pistols was manufactured in pairs. one Smoothbore and one Rifled and they also had a attachable stock that could be mountd on either of the pistols making them in to a small "carbine".

Below a Swedish pistol m/1807 with stock attached.