Saturday, October 28, 2017

Salute 2018 - WIP pictures without the dust.

It was quite much dust on the WIP picture of Jan´s terrain build for our Salute 2018 game, so he sent me some new ones with out the dust.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Salute 2018 - WIP picture of our game

We will run a demo game at Salute 2018 :)

Jan are in the progress of building the terrain and have sent me a WIP picture of the gamingboard...

...the board will be a bit larger than last year...

The scenario are decided and the rules used will ofcourse be The Pikemans Lament... so it narrow down the list of battles... any guesses of what battle we will depict in the game?

More updates will be poste...

See you at Salute, Saturday 14 April 2018 :)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Perrys making Napoleonic Swedes :)

Seems like my nagging of Alan Perry to make some Napoleonic Swedes finaly payed of, during the spring he contacted me and asked for references so I sent him a bunch of pictures as well got him in contact with the true expert in the matter of Swedish Napoleonic uniforms from the Swedish Army museum, Martin.

So here are the first two packs of Swedish Napoleonic Infantry for the Finnish War of 1808-09, one pack of Marching infantry and one pack of Skirmishing/fireline infantry all in the 1806 uniform.

Below are 4 WIP pictures Alan sent me and Martin erlier to give feedback on, for me they looked fine, but Martin as the expert he is on the subject noticed some things that needed adjustments.

Monday, October 2, 2017

WSS Issue 92 - The British-Swedish Paper War

The latest Wargames Soldiers and Strategy, issue 92,  has a British Napoleonic theme and my article about the British-Swedish Paper War with a What if scenario for the Sharp Practice rules are up at the WSS-online for download as a .pdf file.

"Believe it or not, the British navy occupied a small portion of Sweden between the years of 1810 and 1812. Even though they had previously been allies, a treaty with the French in 1810 would ultimately force the Swedes to declare war on the English in order to uphold the terms of the agreement. Luckily, this war turned out to be bloodless. However, in our online article for issue 92, the author imagines what might have happened if the Swedes had decided to take a more aggressive stance towards the small garrison of British sailors occupying a tiny corner of their homeland."

Swedish Infantry attacking British Marines