Monday, March 30, 2015

Stockholm 1392, Extras #1

During the last week I been working on some extra stuff for our Salute participation game. You can find us at Table GL05.

In front some Pavises to be used to mark objectives for each fraction, so I painted one shiled with the specific leades CoA and the other with the national allegiance.

Then you have 3 Swedish Burghers that have spent some days in the castle dungeons and are now convicted traitors by the Germans and will be transported to the main square to be burn at the stake...

...the stake I built using balsa wood and painted it so it would look a bit like Swdeish Birch as that gave more of a Swedish flavour to the stake and also Birch burn very good if dry...

And some pictures from a 15mm medieval Kalmar Union War game that I particiapted in the other night, got me a cold beer too with a Vitalian Brotherhod connection:)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stockholm 1392, Building the town, WIP #3

Latest update of the terrainbuild by my matey Jan´s build of Stockholm 1392 for our Salute 2015 particiaption game, Stockholm 1392 - "God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies"

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Medieval Horse Carts

Today som pictures of a pair of Horse Carts that I just painted for our Stockholm 1392 game at Salute 2015.

I got these very nice medieval Carts from Michael Perry in support for our little Salute project and they will be perfect to add some life to the city as well as act as objectives in some of the scenarios.

First we hawe the Beer cart...Suspected Danish trojan horse I would say...could there be a group of Danish Knights inside the cart.... The Mecklenburg garrison of Stockholm suspects the worst from the Danes that besieged the city...

Next up are the Tipping cart... there was a nice pile of dad men with the cart, I based then to be used with my Church

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stockholm 1392, Building the town, WIP #2

Here comes some more pictures of my matey Jan´s build of the Swedish Capital, Stockholm in 1392 for our Salute 2015 particiaption game, Stockholm 1392 - "God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies"

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Medieval Danish Foot Serjants - 14th century

As you might remember I painted a bunch of Medieval Danes that was in the WSS article about the Danish Invassion of Gotland 1362.

I have now painted 9 more minis for that hoast, One Thott musician to make a full group of 6 Foot Men-at-Arms and 8 Foot Serjants to get a full group of 12 Foot Serjants for the House of Bydelsback.

12 Foot Serjants for the House of Bydelsback.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stockholm 1392, Building the town, WIP #1

I been asked for some WIP pictures from my matey Jan´s build of the Stockholm gaming terrain for out Salute 2015 participation game, Stockholm 1392 - "God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies"

As I told you erlier Jan is a really talanted model builder are in the progress of building the 28mm model of the central part of Stockholm 1392. You have seen some of Jan´s work in 6mm in Miniature Wargames issu 376 and here at my blog.

Here are some early stage pictures of the build that Jan are working on as well  some maps ans sketches of how he plan to build the terrain.

The part that will be built

Jan´s sketch of the terrain

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Medieval armed townsfolk #2

Here comes the second batch of Medieval armed townsfolk for our Salute 2015 game, Stockholm 1392 - God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies

The man in the middle raising his fist will be one of the main characters the German Mayor of Stockholm, Alf Grenerot, there was one German and one swedish mayor in the town bu that time.

Alf Grenerot seems to have been a really eveil man as he is told to be one of the main instigators to the Murder of about 70 Swedish Burghers in Stockholm during the Summer of 1392...

I added hoods on them all as there was a group of Germans that was keen to teroroze the Swedes in Stockholm that was called "Hättebröderna" The Hoodedbrothers.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Men Who Would Be Kings AAR #1

I and Jonas have had some test games of Dan Mersey´s new Osprey wargaming rules "The Men Who Would Be Kings" due to be published in 2016.

To find the Swedish connection to the Colonial period I have choose to set my games in Swedish Gold Coast around 1650. I have choose to run the forces half size in the "Skirmish King" mode of the rules.

The terrain are set and the minis deployed for the first game, the scenario was a passby action, as both forces should cross the board with as few losses as possible...for the fun of it we added a angry Rhino in the middle, that would advance randomly against the closes unit and try to run them down...

The Swedish African Company with some allied Natives
2x6 Regular Soldiers with Obsolete muskets
3x8 Native Tribesmen with spears and a bad attitude

1x6 Regular Soldiers with Obsolete muskets
4x6 Irregular Soldiers with Obsolete muskets

Swedish regulars advance, tha natives quickley hide in the djungle...

Angry rhinos...

The angry rhino decided that the Swedes that apperently didn´t realise the treat was the ones to run down...

The angry Rhino attacked the Swedes but they managed to stand firm, forcing the Rhino back...

...poor rhino shootdown in cold blod by the Swedish colonial troops... The natives helped out a bit bu throwing spears from their safe possition in the djungle...

When the Rhino was out of the way a general advance started by bothe sides...mostly by the natives as they had move as a free action...

Native warriors running swiftley around in the djungle...

...leaving the more cumbersome Swedes behind...

The Natives set up in abuch possition and await the Dutch slavers...

Charge !!!

The Native Warriors also attacked the Duch Irregulars...

The Swedes was shoot by the Dutch irregulars and the Swedes native allies run for home...

To be honest I don´t realy remember which side that won, but I´m sure Jonas will enlighten us soon...

Cant really tell you much about the rules yet, but this was a really nice game we had, and it left us with a bunch of feedback for Dan...

Soon there will be more Swdish adventure in Cabo Corso.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Swedish Gold Coast 1650 - Native Musketeers

Next up for my Cabo Corso, Swedish Goald Coast 1650 project that are a part of my playtest of Dan Merseys new Colonial rules The Men Who Would Be Kings  are 4 groups of 6 minis with Native Musketeers...

As this little project are on a budget I did som kitbashing to get me the Native Musketees to look at least a bit like the ones in the Johan Vilde comic books, most of them was drawn with metal helmets... must be hot in Africa... but I go for african Tribals in outdated european helmets to:)

I used the Bodys from the Perry Sudan box (Thanks Björn), Heads from the Perry Late meadeaval box and Matchlocks from a Warloard TYW Imperial box (Thanks Mattias).

The first 3 units of 6 minis will represent Irregular Native Musketeers from several tribes that the European traded muskets so they could enslave their neigboring tribes and sell them as slaves to the Europeans.

I tried to paint them "Uniform" as several of the Gold Coast tribes was very advanced Kingdoms with standing armys of several thousend.

This last group have got a bitt better snaplock or flintlock muskets and will represent the groups of villians that was in mercenary service of the europeans and most often lived in the costal towns and was outcasts from their tribes.