Thursday, January 24, 2019

Publishing day Rebels and Patriots

A long wait are over...publishing day for Rebels and Patriots :) 

Some of you might have to wait a couple of days more untill your order arrives and I know some lucke ones already got thirs copies erlie.

Osprey also made the Rebels and Patriots rules avalable to order as eBook and .PDF.

Looking forward to here what you think and I hope you will like Dans and my work with the Rebels and Patriots rules and that you will get many hours of fun wargaming with them.

So far I found 2 reviews and I reccon there will be more.

Happy gaming !

Monday, January 21, 2019

3 days until Rebels and Patriots publishing date

A long wait are almost over...just 3 days untill Rebels and Patriots publishing date, 24 January 2019. I want to thank all that supported dan and me in our work and realy hope that yopu will have many of fun hours of gaming using the rules.

If you havent seen it already there is a Rebels and Patriots facbook group for the rules.

Below some random pictures from our playtesteing :)





Sunday, January 13, 2019

Rebels and Patriots game example

Not even 2 weeks left to the Rebels and Patriots rules official publication day... in this blog post I will shed some light on some of the rule mecanics as I got some questions.

All examples are from the game my son David and I run today, it was set in the ACW and David commanded the Confederates and I the Union. I was so sure of the Union victory that I even just fielded 18 points and David got 24 points...

Union OOB - 18 points
3 units of Line Infantry @ 4 points each
3 units of Skirmishers @ 2 points each

Confederate OOB - 24 points
3 units of Line Infantry @ 4 points each
2 units of Skirmsihers @ 2 points each
1 unit of Light Cavalry @ 4 points
1 unit of Light Artillery @ 4 points

First some dice probailities for the 2D6 roll that are vitale to Activate the units in Rebels and Patriots. To succeed with Activation, Morale etc you need to roll 6+ (six or more) with 2D6, your roll can then be modified depending on situation quality of the troops, Officers etc.

Please also remember that you dont end your turn if you fail to activate a unit, you hve a chanse to activate all your units during your turn.

A unmodified 2D6 roll has a 72% chanse of 6+ and there by suceed, wich is fairly good and will let you activate 4-5 of  your units each turn if you has 6 units in your force.

At least I dont want about 30% of my force to sit on their buts each turn so I do what I can to increase my chanses to activate them. For example if I manage to have them all within command, i.e. 12" of my Officers unit then they all gain +1 on the 2D6 roll and there by increase  their chanse for activation to  83% letting me activate 5 of 6 unit as an average.

If I keep my units (the ones that can) in Close Order they also gain +1 on all Activations, if they then are within 12" of the Officers unit they gain +1, in total +2 on the 2D6 and then has a impressive 92% chans to be activated.

This statistics was what would win me and the Union the day against David and his Rebells, even if I had a weaker force in terms of points...

So off to the game, I describe it in turn order and try to focus on explaining the rules for some of the game effects, if anything is unclear, please post a question below and I will try to elaborate on that subject.

The objective of the game was easy, both sides was attacking to get hold of the fence by the road, the side with most units in contact with it by the end of the game was the winner.
Turn 1

The Union had the initiative and sent the 3 units of Skirmishers forward, the Line infantry formed Close Order but only 2 of 3 suceeded.

The Confederate sent their Skirmishers and cavalry forward on thir left flank as the 3 unit of Line Infantry also formed Close Order...seens like David had sped on my ideeas... or he have played to many games to know Close Order has its benefits...

The Confederate Artillery managed a luckey shot  when it managed to land a shot on one of the Union Skirmih units that took a casualty but passed the morale test.

 Turn 2

The Union troops continued their advance for the fence and all 3 on the Skirmish units reached it and the Line Infantry advanced all now in Close order.
The Confederate response was harsh as a unit of Skirmishers opened fire on the Union Skirmishers that had been  hit by the Condfederate Artillery and gain a  Disorder Marker wich they choose not to rally away and instead advanced to the fence... big mistake as it would turn out...  The Union Skirmisher took one more casualty and rolled for Morale, double 1 with a -2 modification for the casualty just  inflicted and the Disorder Marker, meant that the unit  gained 2 additional Disorder Markers and thereby  had 3 in total and routed right away...

The Confederate Cavalry made a Skirmish move to the fence their fire they directed at a unit of Skirmishers that took a Casualty but managed hold thir ground. In Rebels and Patriots Cavalry can not use the Fire Action and the only way they can shoot are with the Skirmish Action.

Turn 3

The Union Skirmish line had been thined out so a swift advance with the Line Infantry was the kee to the victory, at least so I believed...

A double 1 on a Activation is never good... the unit ended up in breaking their close order and made a headless charge forward the closest enemy unit, that was  out of range... was not all that bad as I wanted them to advance, but loosing the Close Order so close to enemy units can be dangerous... 

The Officers unit also made a bad Activation roll of 4, that normaly would mean a faliur, but as it is the Officers unit and they are in Close Order they add +2 to the roll, bringing them up to 6 wich is a succeeded  Activation. 

With the Line Infantry advancing more or less as planned tha Union skirmish unit on their rigleft flank (out of the picture) opened up on the Confederate Cavalry and manageing to inflict 1 casualty.

The Confederate Cavalry rolled a poor morale roll of 3 and then modified by -1 for the Casualty but with +1 for being wiothin 12" from the Officers unit, resulting in 1 Disorder Marker, if the Officers unit would not have been within command range, they would had gain 2 Disorder Markes as the total result  of the Morale test would have been 2 or less.

The Union Skirmish unit in fron  of the Cavalry took advantage of the situation and also opened fire on the cavalry resulting in 2 more casualties to the cavalry unit...

The Confederate Cimidiatlyavalry unit had now lost 3 miniatures bringing them down to half Strenth which resulted in immediatly giving them a Permanent Disorder Marker and make a retreat move, all before the Morale test was rolled for the Casualties just taken.

The Confederate Cavalry unit then had to roll for Morale due to the casualties taken by the Union Skirmhesrs Fire Action needing a total of 6+ to succeed, Rolling a 4 on the Morale test modified by -2 for the Disorder markers, -2 for the Casualties just taken and then add +1 for the Officer Close by; 4-2-2+1=1 A total of 2 or less on a Morale Roll give the unit 2 Disorder markers and sins the Cavalry unit already have 2 Disorder marker , they total up on 4 Disorder markers and the unit Rout (3 or more Disorder Markers= Rout) and was removed from play.

The Confederate tried to retaliate but due to poor dice roll they only managed to hit one of the Union Skirmish units...

The Union Skirmishers took 2 casualties and was down to half strenght render in giving them a Permanent Disorder Marker and forcing them to roll for Morale. A 9 on the moreale roll modified with -1 for the Disorder marker gives a total off 8 which is a sucess and the unit dosent gain any additional Disorder markers.

 Turn 4

The 4th turn was focused for both sides on Skirmish fire and bringing up the Line infantry in possition.

The Union Officer and his men reaches the fence first but this also brings them within range for the Confederate Artillery...

Turn 5

The union Officer orders his men to open fire on the Confederate Skirmishers in front of them... didnt really want to waste the First Fire on a Skirmish unit but they need to go,,, Rolling an Avtivation of 4 was enought as they got +1 for the Officer and +1 for the Close Order...

A unit without any Disorder Markes roll 12 dice when Fire, the Line Infantry normaly hit on 5+ but gain a total of +2 on each dice as they are in Close Ordder and can fire a Volly as well as use their First Fire bonus, so in short any dice off 3+ are a hit on the Skirmishers.  Shooting at Short range are normaly very devestating as you only need 2 hits to cause 1 Casualty, but sins the Skirmishers count Open Ground as Cover I needed 3 hits to cause 1 casualty on them, managing ti inflict a total of 3 casualties. If they would have been another Line Infantry they would have got a wuppin 5 casualties!!!

Despite my deadly volly the Condeferate Skirmishers manage to hold their possition and retaliate causing my Officers unit to recieve a Disorder Marker. 

The Union lines start to thin out as the Confederate made good use of their Artillery...

Turn 6

My Union Line Infantry has limited fire arc as they are in close order, wich in this case was good for me as I could ignore the closest unit that was Skirmishers and fire on one of the closest Confederate Line Infantry units. Unfortunate without much effect.

Instead David managed to inflict some Damage to my units, this unit took 1 Casualty forsing them to roll for Morale with a +1 on the roll (-1 for the casualty, +1 for the Close Order and +1 for Officer within 12") still only a 5 in total so they recieved a Disorder Marker (The small rectangles with some units is our way to remember which units that still has its First Fire).

Also my Officers unit recieved some enemy fire and took losses and gaining one more Disorder Marker for a total of 2 Disorder marker and forcing them to retreat...

Turn  7

My Union troops  didn´t manage to rally nd the Confederate did not hesitate to shoot fleeing troops in the back... My Officers Unit took a further 2 casualties forcing me in to a Morale test with -4 (-2 for the Disorder markers, -2 for the 2 Casualties, no bonus for Close Order or for the Officer as his unit is already is Broken. The dice show an 8 which normaly are a sucess but with a -4 my total are 4 wich gives me one more Disorder marker and a total of 3 Disorder Markers and my Officers unit Routs...

Without Officer and only tvo depleted and Disordered units on the table I have to see me beaten by a 9-year old...

Glory to the Rebells !!!

Victorious Officer

Post-battle summery
It was a good game that I thought I would win as I was sure David would not use his Skirmishers to screen his line Infantry and I absolutely didn´t belive he would form the Line Infantry in Close Order. 

I was apparently to eager to reach the Fence with my Line Infantry as David played his Line Infantry much more cautiously, keeping them away from Close Range and instead focused on using his Artillery and Skirmishers in a good way to soften up my line before he advanced with his Line Infantry and delivered Volly fire at close range, good playing I must say, but I suppouse he had a good teacher ;)

I hope You got some good glimps about how some of the rules work in Rebels and Patriots and that even if only +1 on you Activation roll it will increase your chanses to sucess with about 10%,  it did not help me today but it did indeed help David to one more victory.