Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Rebels and Patriots in Mexico

Last week my son David and I had a small Rebels and Patriot game set during the Mexican-American War 1846-1848.

The scenario was a American colon that needed to exit the board to the East (1VP for each unit leaving the board) and a Mexican force to perform an ambush mainly from the South board edge to stop them (1VP for each American unit routed). 

OOB - American (David)

  • 3x Units of Line Infantry (one with the Leaders @ 4 points each
  • 1x Unit of Light Artillery with Limber @ 6 points
  • 1x Unit of Light Cavalry @ 4 points
  • 1x Unit of Skirmishers @ 2 points

OOB - Mexican (Dalauppror)

  • 1x Unit of Heavy Cavalry (with leader) @ 6 points
  • 1x Small unit of  Aggressive Heavy Cavalry @ 6 points
  • 1x Unit of Mounted Skirmishers that are Good Shooters @ 6 points
  • 1x Small Unit of Aggressive Shock Infantry (Dissmounted Heavy Cavalry) @ 6 points

Short recap of the game.

The Mexican was allowed to deploy one unit at the East board edge and the rest at the South, the American deplyed in Colon on the road from the West.

The American started to move along the road as the Mexican Cavalry tried to close in the distance to them... as the Mexican approached the American lined up along the road and opened fire with the Artillery and then the Line Infantry... Devestating result for the Mexican Heavy Cavalry...

It all lokked like an easy win for the American but the Mexican seemed to have extreme morale as they time after time passed Morale checks and continued the fight...

When the smoced cleared the Mexican forces was all routed but they had managed to cause 3 American to rout so it all ended upp in a Draw 3VP vs. 3VP.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Home at Last

At last the UK Game Expo Award for best miniature game has come home to Sweden :)  

As some of you might remember... Dan and I got the Award for Best Miniatures Rules 2019 for our Rebels and Patriots publisged by Osprey. Dan sent me a box with some minis that arrived today and amongst them was unexpected the Award :)

If you by any chanse hasen´t ordered the Rebels and Patriots rules, you can do it at the Osprey site. happy gaming !

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Getto Lords and friends


Haven´t been much of a wargaming output for me lately but I at least managed to paint the Getto Lord gamg for Street War NYC from Funky Skull games as well as some of thir extra minis and also the Action Jackson mini from Reaper Bones. Transfers on the backs are from 40K.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

301 years sins the Battle at Stäket

Today it was 301 years sint the Battle at Stäket 13 August 1719.  I had been invidet to the Battlefield museum HAMN to show the battle with our GNW minis.

Sins last year the gaming board used had been ruined so I have to built a new one for this year. First some pictures from the build of the gaming board and then a bunch of pictures from todays demo game at the museum.

We run one game using the Rebel and Patriot rules, all went according to history, the Russians puched on and was to force the Swedes to retreat of the battlefield, untill the Russian Grenadiers, that was held in reserv, twice in a row managed to roll double 1 followed by a 1, i.e. friendly fire, totaly destroying the closest friendly unit... the beginning of the Russian defeat...

We had a good day at the museim and want to thank all that visited us during the day.