Friday, April 30, 2010

Battle of Alma

Tomorrow I and some friends will play Battle of Alma 20th September 1854, the first battle of the Crimean war using the scenarion in the Black Powder rulebook as inspiration.

My friend Oskar have had a painting Frenzy last weeks In less than 3 weeks he have painted both armys using 15mm minis, it is about 500 infantry, 160 Cavalry, 8 guns with crew and some limbers and 12 commanders ! Not entirely true, some of us was forced to help him out...but I think he have painted about 90% of them.

Tomorrow I will act as the british C-in-C, the easely confused Lord Raglan. I have made a realy good plan for us to beat the...French...or was it Russians.... ENEMY :)

The secret battle plan...

The even more secret British OOB....please don´t tell the French...I mean RUSSIANS !


C-in-C Lord Raglan (Dalauppror)

Guards Brigade: General Bentinck (Matts)

3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards

1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards

1st Battalion, Scots Fusilier Guards

Two field batteries Royal Artillery

Highland Brigade: Major General Campbell (Sverre)

42nd Highlanders

79th Highlanders

93rd Highlanders

Fourth Brigade: Brigadier-General Pennefather (Lasse)

30th Regiment

55th Regiment

95th Rifles

Light Brigade: Major-General the Earl of Cardigan (Fredrik O)

4th Light Dragoons

8th Hussars

11th Hussars

13th Light Dragoons

17th Lancers

One Troop of Royal Horse Artillery

Heavy Brigade - Brigadier Scarlett (Tomas L)

1st Royal Dragoons

2nd Royal North British Dragoons, The Scots Greys

4th Dragoon Guards

5th Dragoon Guards

6th Inniskilling Dragoons

I hope to give you a AAR of our gaming during next week.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bunker Hill 17 June 1775

The war is on!

The British flank companys took a real beating in our Lexington and Concord game. The American Militia have now surounded Boston and the town are besieged.

My next painting goal are to be able to field forces for a 235 year anniversary game of the Battle at Bunker Hill 17 june 1775.

Forces I plan to have in the scenario:

2 Commanders (1 finished, 1 to do)
6 Units of Militia (4 finished, 2 to do)
2 Units of Skirmish militia (2 finished)
1 Light Artillery (1 to do)

2 Commanders (2 finished)
1 Unit of grenadiers (1 finished)
2 Units of Light Infantry (2 Small units finished)
5-6 Units of Line Infantry (4 finished, 1-2 to do)
2 Units of Foot Artillery (1 finished, 1 to do)

I will continue to paint the American Militia units, as I got the Last command minis from Perrys last Friday, and then continue to complement the British. I alsoe have to build some sort of field work for the Amerikans to take cover behind...

Bunker Hill by Don Troiani

Thursday, April 22, 2010

AAR Lexingto and Concord 19th April 1775

At last have I had the time to write a AAR from our gaming last sunday.

We playd a AWI Scenario inspired of the events that occured around the British retreat/flight from Concord on the 19th of April 1775 and we user my new favorite rules Black Powder.

A small British force of Flank Companys (Grenadiers and Light Infantry) had advanced to Concord to seize and destroy rebel stores. The rebel alarmrider arouse all Minutemen and Militia company in the area and they started to gather to give the Regulars a nosebleed....

The gaming area. The 3 British flank battalions had to advance all the vay from Concord thro Lexington back to Boston without taking to much casualties.

The 3 British Flank Batallions set up in Concord and 5 of Colonel Parkers Lokal Minutemen was set up on the other side of North Bridge. It seemes that the British had set fire to some of the houses...

5 Companys of Colonel Parkers Minutemen. All the amerikan units was clased as "Tiny", and each base represented about a Company.
1 Battalion of Bristish Grenadiers in Concord.
2 Battalions of British Light Ifantry securing North Bridge outside Concord.
More Minutemen and Militia gathering at Merriam´s Corner

The British Commander ordered the grenadiers to March at the doubble to Merriam´s Corner and form a line and open fire at the rebels...a good thougth...but not if you dont have the tome to forme the line...

The Light Infantry did not realy manage to advance with the Grenadier and protect their flanks...Big Mistake...
Lord Percys Relife Force on their way from Boston to rescue the Flank Companys

The Militia waiting at merriam´s Corner tock the chans to blast the marching grenadiers to pieces... The Grenadiers was saved this time by the Crack and Steady rules...

Even more militia arrives, and the British Light Infantry manage to catch up with the Grenadiers that are reciving heavy fire.

Lord percys Relife Force have reached the out skirts of Lexington, there they are ordered to wait for the Flank Companys.

Both the Grenadiers and The Light Infantry charges the Americam Milita that starts to fall back.

The amerikan Militia fall back as a response to the charge of the british Grenadiers.

Battlefield overview

Lord Percys Relife Force disobey their order and continue to march out of Lexington and towards the battle at Merriam´s Corner...they should not have...

...The American spring a Ambush on the lead British regiment....

The British Grenadiers are the first unit to Brake, the proud grenadiers are fleeing all over the place...The Light Infantry continues to advance past Merriam´s Corner against the Relife Force, that themselves are on troubble...

The British Line up with flanking artillery to neutralize the threat.

The Light Infantry continues to shase away Americam militia. The 4th Regiment of Foot to the right reciving heawy fire and Breakes...Not a good day for the British...

2 British Regiments of Foot attacking the Militia that have gathered at Menotomy. After this attack we ended our game. Ruling the American as winners as they managed to Break 2 British Regiments.

It was a realy nice gaming session that took about 3 hours. The rules worked out well although my scenario need some changes...

Monday, April 19, 2010

235 years Lexington and Concord

Today it is 235 years sins the action around Lexington and Concord thet ignited the American War of Independence.

I and some friends played my Lexington and Concord scenario for Black Powder yesterday. A AAR will come, but unfortunaly not today...

Just a picture of our gaming area.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

American Militia Skirmishers

To day are the day for our Lexington and Concord game. I hope I can give you a AAR tomorrow, untill the I have some pictures of my American skirmishing riflemen.

In the game each american base of minis will be classifyed as a Tiny unit, representing a company of Militia or Minutemen skirmishing and fighting "Indian style"

And here are a picture of Lord Percys relief force..dont tell the Americans...

Representing the 4th Foot, 23rd Foot, 47th Foot, 1st Marines and Royal Artillery.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New York Militia

1 day to go...

Here are a picture of my uniformed New York Militia, they will double as 3rd Continental New York Regiment to under command of Colonel James Clinton.

In the shape of 3rd New York Regiment this unit took part in Brig. Gen. Richard Montgomery’s unsuccessful expedition to Quebec in 1775.

You can find out more about the 3rd New York Regiments history here.

This is a picture of the mini that will represent all the different American officer during our Lexington and Concord game tomorrow.
As no one seems to have commanded any unit larger than a company for any length of time, the American players will have to share the commander...

I hope they will get along with each other...

Of course will all the American Militia and Minutemen units have the chanse to self motivate and make one move even if they dont recive a order...I hope this will work out fine...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Green Mountain Boys

2 days to go...

Today some uniformed Militia, the Green Mountain Boys.

When the American Revolutionary War started in 1775, Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, along with Connecticut Colonel Benedict Arnold, marched up to Lake Champlain and captured the strategically important military post at Fort Ticonderoga, Fort Crown Point, and Fort George.

The Boys also briefly held St. John's in Québec, but retreated on word of arriving British regulars. The boys alsoe served at the battles of Hubbardton and Bennington in 1777.

More info about the Green Mountain Boys can you fing here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

British Flank Companies

Here are some pictures of my recently painted British Flank Companies. During the AWI it was costumary to take the flank companies fron each regiment of foot and make converged battalions of Grenadiers and Light Infantry.

2 Converged Light Infantry Batallions

Converged Grenadier Batallion

Flank Companies retrerating from Concord...just waiting to be ambushed by American Militia and Minutemen...

5th Regiment of Foot with its flank companies.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

British Officers and Artillery

Today I have some pictures om my British Officers and a British 6pdr with my scratch built limber.

British Officer in informal dress

British Royal Artillery with 6pdr and limber with a civilian driver...which wasn´t always a good thing then the bullets started to fly, they had a tendency to leave the gun and "retreat"...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1st Marine Battalion

A picture of my 1st Marine Battalion, that are the 4th Regiment in Percys relife forec for my Lexingron and Concord scenario.

Short regimental AWI History from Drums and Colours

On 4 December 1774, the HMS Asia, Somerset, and Boynes, carrying 460 British Marines under the command of the legendary Major John Pitcairn, arrived upon the shores of the tumultous city of Boston. A month later, sensing New England's bellicosity, the Admiralty readied additional forces for service in the colonies. In May of 1775, this augmentation, consisting of 2 majors, 10 captains, 27 subalterns, 28 sergeants, 25 corporals, 29 drummers, and 600 privates, joined with the 460 marines already in Boston to form the 1st and 2nd Battalion of British Marines.

Marines of the 18th c were generally not regimented, but rather worked in small units aboard vessels and ashore. Therefore, colours were not as intregal to the marines as with army regiments. The exception to this, of course, is the two battalions of marines stationed in Boston in 1775. There were three grand divisions of marines in Portsmouth, Plymouth and Chatham, England. All three of these may have had different colours, or not.

In 1760 a merchant named William Nicholson submitted a bill for one Union sheet of Colours of silk with the embroided Arms of the Lord High Admiral surrounded by thistles and roses. The Arms of the Lord High Admiral is the fouled anchor. A description from 1770 tells of a completely different marine colour: the Union throughout and a ship with furled sails in the center.

The primary source of this information comes from 18th c. letters and orders compiled in a paper by General HE Blumburg in the 1930s. This information is further echoed in For the Glory of the Marines! by Thomas Boaz."

Colours remain a subject of speculation.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reverend Parkers Militia

7 days to go...The last days I have had a basing frenzzy, making about 30 bases ready for play, I hope to show you pictures during this week.

Reverend Parkers Militia unit are now ready for service.

Friday, April 9, 2010

9 days to go...

I can count...but I had to reschedual our Lexington Concord game to Sunday 18th, so if you are lucky I have a brand new AAR report for you on the 19th.

Today I have given the late arrivels a base coat and I have started to fix the bases for the units I already have painted.

Here are a VIP picture of one of the American Militia units.

Reverend Parker and his flock of sheeps...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

11 days to go...

Yesterday did I recive my Perry order with the last minis for my American Militia units. I did alsoe manage to paint some more, so I now only have 36 minis and my limber left to paint...and then all the bases...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

13 days to go...

It´s only 13 days to our Lexington and Concord game. I have painted fairly much minis, but I have not had the time to fix the bases, I hope to do that during this week. I alsoe have to paint 51 more american militia minis....and I waiting for the last 18 to arrive from Perrys.

This night i built a Limber for the British 6pdr. Here are a VIP picture och the limber and the civilian driver...

and a picture of the Limber and the British 6pdr.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

44th regiment of Foot

My 3rd British Regiment of Foot are the 44th.

Short regimental AWI History from Drums and Colours

The 44th Regiment of Foot arrived in Boston in July of 1775.

During the battles for New York in 1776 the 44th saw action at the Battles of Brooklyn and White Plains.

In 1777, the 44th Foot participated in the fighting at Danbury, Brandywine, Paoli, and, Germantown seeing action again the follwing year at Monmouth Court House.

In 1779, the regiment was sent to Quebec where they remained until returning to England in 1786.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

18th Regiment of Foot, Royal Irish

My 2nd British Regiment of Foot are the 18th, Royal Irish.

Short regimental AWI History from Drums and Colours.

The 18th Regiment of Foot arrived in Philadelphia in July of 1767.
In May of 1768, the regiment was sent west to replace the 34th Foot
in garrison at Fort Pitt. The 18th Foot continued to garrison the frontier of the ’Illinois Country’ until the outbreak of the American Revolution.

The regiment took part in the fighting at Lexington and Concord on
April 19, 1775, and at the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775.

In July of 1776, the men of the 18th Foot were drafted into
other regiments while the officers returned to England.

The 18th Regiment of Foot was reformed at Dover Castle in 1777.

5th Regiment of Foot

My first British Regiment of Foot are the 5th.

Short regimental AWI History from Drums and Colours

Leaving Ireland on May 7, 1774, the 5th arrived in Boston July of 1774. The regiment’s Light Infantry and Grenadier Companies saw action at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775 and were part of the British "march back" to Boston.

After fighting in the Battle of Long Island, August 27, 1776, the Battle of White Plains, October 28, 1776, and participating in the capture of Fort Washington, New York, November 16, 1776 and Fort Lee, New Jersey, November 20, 1776, the 5th spent the cold, bitter winter of 1776-1777 quartered near New York City.

As part of Howe’s campaign to capture Philadelphia, the 5th again saw action at the Battle of Brandywine Creek, Pennsylvania, August 25, 177.

The regiment spent the winter of 1777-78 comfortably in Philadelphia, until Franceentered the war, necessitating the evacuation of the city and retreat to New York. On the retreat through New Jersey, the British Army was attacked at Monmouth Court House on June 28, 1778.

Once back in New York, the 5th remained until November 3, 1778 when they left America for the French West Indies.

American Riflemen

My first AWI unit are some Riflemen from the Pennsylvanian backwood. Minis from Foundry.

Lexington and Concord 19 April 1775

To put some presure on my self and my painting shedule I plan to have a 235 year celebration gaming session for my friends on the 19th of april. We will play a Lexington och Concord scenario with the Black Powder rules.

North Bridge, Concord 19 april 1775 by Don Troiani

I hope to update my blog more frequently about my painting progress before the Lexington and Concord gaming session:)

Minis needed for the scenario:

2x Light infantry units 8 minis each
1x Grenadier unit 18 minis
4x Line Infantry units 17 minis each. 5th, 18th, 44th,
1x 6pdr artillery with 4 crew and Limber
2 Commanders

Minimum, Preferebly a little more
3x Skirmishing Riflemen units 6 minis each. unit-1,
4x Militia units 15 minis each, unit-1,
1x Commander

American War of Independence

My next project will be 28mm AWI. I will use my new favorite rules Black Powder. I already have about 100 redcoats and 100 rebels from Foundry painted up so My project are starting with a "fix the old minis" and them I will increase the armys with Perry minis.


Lexington Green


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