Saturday, July 30, 2011


I got me some medieval cows that are making some noise;) and of course a heard of sheeps witha a vigilant shepherd...

I painted them for my Kalmar Union War Project but as they are quite generic I will use them for my AWI project to:)

The Cows are from Redoupt

The Sheeps are from Gripping Beast and the Shepherd are a Perry pilgrim...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

House of Vinstorp

Here we have some Danish and German mercenarys under command of Staffan Bengtsson from the House of Vinstorp.

The Hous of Vinstorp was from the border nobility. i.e Nobles that often had estates on boath sides of the Danish/Swedish border in the area around Scania, Blekinge and Halland (Denmark at the time) and Småland, Östergötalans (Sweden at the time).

Many Nobles from the border nobility sided with the Union/Danish as they wanted to preserve the union for easy trad over the border and easy access to their estates on both sides.

My aim was to using red, yellow and white a little more to get a slightly obvious Union/Danish and "uniform" look of the unit, as they was mercenarys

At the moment the Danish/Union unit also have a couple of crossbow bases, not realy sure if they fought mixed as the Allmoge, probablu not, but at the moment they do... I will paint up some more and then I will have tha possibility to chose...

All minis are from the Perry plastic mercenary box, with coverted pikes to Bills. The Commandes arms are from a old Games Workshop Empire box...

As you can see I have tow different colour schemes, one for the banner and one for the trumpet flag...The House of Vinstorp was a little special about their Coat of Arms, two contemporary members did not use the same colours on their Coat of Arms, as was the costumary with other Noble Houses.

Coat of arms for the House of Vinstorp

Several alternative Coat of Arms for the House of Vinstorp

Monday, July 25, 2011

House of Gren

Here ar the 2nd unit of Knecht this time under command of Magnus Stensson from the House of Gren.

I will use this banner for Magnus son Ivar Magnusson to.

Two small units of Knechts under command of Swedish Nobles loyal to the Union...

Friday, July 22, 2011

House of Bielke

Here are my first mounted tropps for my Kalmar Union Project. This are some Knechts under command of Ture Turesson from the house of Bielke.

Ture Turesson was a Swedish noblemen that was a close allied to the Union King Christian I. After the Battle/Slaughter of Helgeandsholmen in 1463 he was known as the "Allmogens Köttmånger" i.e."Allmoge Butcher"

Coat of Armd for the House of Bielke.

The Knechts was full time soldiers and did the "dirty work" for the Noblemens...

The minis are most Kingmaker but ther are a Crusader mini to and the leader mini are a old GW Dogs of war mercenary mini that got a crossbow instead of he´s lance:)

Armed with Crossbows, Swords and god Armour the Knechts was ready to collect taxes and subdue allmoge rebellions...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Union/Danish Handgunners

This are 2 small units of German Mercenary Handgunners with the latest and best equipment you can hire for money...

For the rebells I will use the cool but old fashion handgunners from the Perry HYW range...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Medieval Civilians

Not to many yet, but my aim are to have enought to populate a whole willage:)

Cows, Sheeps and a shepherd are in progress...

And some minis that I painted for the Impetus diorama bases, they have now ended up as casullty bases...more to come here to...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ordnung !

Now there are Ordning amongst my paint bottles;) I got my self a new paint rack for 60 bottles from the German company Miniaturicum.

It is made of 2mm MDF and are delivered IKEA style, flack package and you have to assemble it by your self, wasen´t to hard...

Long delivery time but i´m very pleased with my new paint rack:)

Ordnung !

This is only 40 bottles;)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

AAR Battle of Castulo 211BC

Björn, Fredrik and I have continued our Iberian adventure during the Cartaghinian war using the Hail Caesar rules.

This time I had put together a scenario inspired by the battle of Castulo in 211BC, this was one part of the Battle of the Upper Baetis, the second part are ofcourse the next game...

The romans had devided their army in two parts, one part under command of Publicus Scipio made a swift night march to be able to suprise the Iberian chieftain Indibilis and he´s troops by a dawn attack.

What the roman commander or Player(Fredrik)didn´t know was that there was large amounts of Carthaginian unit in the nearby area, that would arrive as support during the battle...

Order of Battle Rome

Publicus Division: C-in-C, Publicus Scipio
2 Units of Legionaries
1 Small Units of Velites
1 Unit of Italian Auxiliaries

Maximus Division: Legate, Tiberius Fonteus
2 Units of Legionaries
1 Small Units of Velites
1 Small Units of Cretan Archers

Order of Battle Carthage

Indibilis Division: C-in-C, Indibilis (Starting force on table, 1 unit may start in the fortified camp)
2 Unit of CeltIberians - Medium infantry
1 Unit of Iberians – Light infantry
1 Small Units of Baleric slingers - Skirmish infantry

Masanissas Division: General, Masanissa (arrives in turn 3 on Carthaginian left flank)
2 Small Units of Light Horse – Light Cavalry

Hasdrubal Giscos Division: General Hasdrubal Gisco (arrives in turn 5 at the Carthaginian base line)
2 Units of Carthagian - Heavy infantry
1 Small Unit of Carthagian - Skirmish infantry

Magos Division: General, Mago (arrives in turn 7 on Carthaginian right flank)
1 Units of Cavalry - Medium cavalry
1 Unit of Elephants – Elephants
1 Small Unit of Carthagian - Skirmish infantry (Sub-unit to Elephants)

Indibilis trying to get he´s newly awaken troops in a fighting formation...

Turn 2, The Iberians to the left had managed to form some sort of fighting formation in turn 1 and was now avaiting the Roman advance...

The Romans to the right started out slow in the first turn but the following turns they made some swift movement forward the enemys...

Exept for the Cretan Archers that apperentlu haden´t been payed enough and only stroll int their own pace...

The Romans had soon made it to the outskirt of the Iberian Camp, on the Roman right flank their Italian Allies charged a Iberian unit and managed after soem turns of fighting breake the enemy...

At the same time the Carthaginians heard the sound of reinforcements...but due to poor command of Masanissas they didn´t arrive on table...

At last did Masanissas and he´s light Cavalry arrive starting to harass the roman right flank.

In turn 5 the Carthaginians recived even more reinforcements, this time Hasdrubal Giscos slowly arrive with some Heavy Hoplite Infantry...

The Romas that by now knew that they had to win this before to much reinforcements could arrive mad a puch all over the line...

The Romans fought hard in the center there Indibilis Celtiberians put up stiff resistance...

By some reason Hasdrubal Giscos didn´t manage to get he´s troops in to the fight...the Roman commander claimed that it was the newly paid Cretan Archers that stoped them with accurat missile fire...

The Carthaginians recived even ore reinforcements...this time Mago arrived with Cavalry and Elephants... The Roman commander started to get realy stressed...

Final Puch by the Romans... in turn 7 they managed to Breake one of the Celtiberian units, as they breake the baleric slingers alsoe Broke and the last Celtiberians retreated in to the camp...

The Romans followd up to keep the contact and managed after some more intense fighting to finish the last Celtiberian unit of and by that forcing the rest of the Carthaginian army to withdraw...Glory to Rome...

War of the Roses

My friend Björn are selling of some of he´s odd minis, this time he offers you a WOTR unit, see he´s auction on e-bay

And he have started a blogg to:)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Round Pole fence #2

Then I painted my house I also painted the first 10 parts of my Swedish Gärsgård or in English Round Pole Fence.

Each part are 12cm

Some Allmoge troops taking cover beinh the fence

Close-up of the repainted Rebell/Swedish var flag with Saint George...I have removed the cross and painted the 3 Swedish crowns instead, as that symbole was used erlier than the yellow cross. The other banner was designed in the 1440´s by the Swedish King Karl VIII Knutsson from the House of Bonde, this banner would from this time on be the Swedish Royal Coat of Arms, only with a small shield in the middle showing the House of the regent.

This is a picture of the present Swedish Royal Coat of Arms:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swedish Medieval House #3

The house are finished, thaks for following the building progress:)

I was quite common to decorate the planking around the doors, with wood carving similars to celtic patterns and paint them. I thought my planking was to small to do any wood carving, but I painted it in a dark red colour with some patterns i red...

It was quite common in early times and later for the poorer familys to keep there cattles in one separate part of the house during the winter. The warmth from the animals helped out to keep the house warm.

Small slots to let in some light and keep out the cold in the living area of the house.

My nest building will be a "Stolp Härbre" a storage building raised up on poles, like the one below.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swedish Medieval House #3

Now the hous have got it´s roof and a chimney so the inhabitants could keep them self warm during winter...

Most of the cooking and baking was done in a special hous "eldhus" i.e. firehouse, as they diden´t want to endanger the main building with large cooking fires.

Waiting to be painted...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swedish medieval House #2

Continued the work on my small house, i now have a door:) I alsoe built the ridge and made cutouts for the roof beams. But I had bought the wrong material for the beams... its 8mm and I want to use 5mm, got to go and shop befor the roof can be finished...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Swedish Medieval House

This house are built on a 12x8cm base using 5mm balsa staffs. To get some inspiration and knowledge about how they looked I have study Swedish Medieval Houses IRL and in a couple of books from the Darlecarlian Museum.

Ther are still quite many medieval houses leaft and in use in Darlecarlia, the oldest one from about 1230´s you can see at "Gopsmor" an open air museeum that is a part of the Zorn museeum in Mora.

Here are a small film about Gopsmor and Anders Zorn. The buildings in the film are from 1230 to about 1800 and ofcourse renovated through time...

And here are some VIP pictures of my first house...

A steady foundation...

The timberman first "Civilian" for this project...

To keep the heat inside they had very small doors windows/holes. They didn´t use glass as that was hard to come by and was expensive and fragile, so they just used a trapdoor to close the "window"

Just the roof left...