Friday, May 30, 2014


As I just reached 400 followers and soon will reach 300 000 hits, at least I hope so... I thought it was time for a small giveaway for my followers.

I found some stuff in my leadpile that I never will paint much due to my decission to have a Swedish focus on my wargaming projects, so I hope this small stuff will be of use for some one of you.

Just post a comment and state that you are interested in of the giveaway stuff and if it is something specific you need of them stat the number of the giveaway item, I will random draw 9 people to get one item each and if possible the one they are in need of so the stuff have a bigger chanse to get of use in your future wargaming projects:)

  1. 1. Fighting monks, Essex minis I belive?
  2. 2. WW2 Americans, Sniper, Flamer anf Rifle Grenade, Don´t know manufacturer.
  3. 3. Bronsage command, 6 minis, Foundry.
  4. 4. Some more WW2 Americans, Flamer and 2xSnipers, still don´t know manufacturer.
  5. 5. Saladin, 2 of them one Copplestone and one from the Greate Escape Games Kingdom of heaven book.
  6. 6. Tits...or at least 2 Female warriors showing them, one Gladiator and one Archer, Foundry.
  7. 7. Highlanders, one Perry AWI mini and one Warlord Napoleonic "Big Wullie" mini.
  8. 8. Not miniatures but a book, Extra Impetus 2 Army lists for Impetus, some how I ended up with two copys...
  9. 9. Centurion mini, the one from the front cover of the Hail Caesar rule book..
So pick you choise of choises and post a comment so I know that you are interested and you are in for the giveaway.

I close it all by the mid of next week.

Good Luck !

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Samurai Interlude

I have had these 12 minis half painted for years, ever sins my friend Oscar lured me into a Samurai Skirmish project, Genpei War I belice it was called.

As a short painting interlude I decided to finsih them up. The minis are from The Assault Group, 4 Samurai Archers and 8 Followers with Naginatas, might even get me to try out the Osprey Skirmish Samurai rules "Ronin" even thought they are for a later era....

Friday, May 23, 2014

Star Wars...

Maybe not really wargaming but my wargaming friend Oscar are a true Star Wars fan and work at a kindergarden, the kids work with Fusible beads as does Oscar at it seems...Suppouse he cant paint miniatures at work...

Here are some Star Wars Fusible beads that he designed the patterns for and built during the last weeks at work, I hope you recognize them all :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dalregementet 1676

In support of my friend Sörend Battle at Lund 1676 project I promised him to paint at least one regiment for the Swedes, and of course i choose the famous Dalregementet :)

Minis from Wargames Factory WSS Plastic infantry and the Flags are from Warfare Miniatures GNW range, so they arn´t realy right but close enought.

Dalregementet (Dalarna Regiment, Darlecarlian Regiment), Modern designations I 13 (13th Infantry Regiment), was a Swedish Army infantry regiment that traced its origins back to the 16th century. It was disbanded in 2000. The regiment's soldiers were originally recruited from the province of Dalarna, and it was later garrisoned there.

The regiment has its origins in fänikor (companies) raised in Dalarna in 1542. During 1598, some of the units participated in the War against Sigismund and in 1605 one fänika from Dalarna fought at the Battle of Kircholm. In 1615, these units—along with fänikor from the nearby provinces of Uppland and Västmanland—were organised by Gustav II Adolf into Upplands storregemente, of which 1,400 of the total 3,000 soldiers were recruited in Dalarna. Upplands storregemente consisted of three field regiments, of which Dalregementet was one.

Dalregementet was also the first Swedish regiment to be allotted, which happened as early as in 1621. Parts of this grand regiment participated in the Polish–Swedish wars during the siege of Riga in 1621 and as garrison from 1626–1629. During this period, sometime between 1623 and 1628, the grand regiment was permanently split into three smaller regiments, of which Dalregementet was one. The regiment's first commander was Axel Oxenstierna.

The regiment was shipped to Germany and arrived at Wolgast in June 1631 to participate in the Thirty Years' War. Its first major battle was the Battle of Breitenfeld on 17 September that same year, where it stood in the first line. It also stood in the first line as part of the Swedish Brigade at the Battle of Lützen the next year, a battle which caused heavy casualties to the regiment. The regiment's "creator", Gustav II Adolf, was killed in a cavalry charge trying to ease the pressure on Dalregementet's part of the front.

The regiment returned to Sweden to replenish shortly after and remained at home until 1638, when one of the regiment's two battalions was sent as garrison to Stettin. Dalregementet was one of the original 20 Swedish infantry regiments mentioned in the Swedish constitution of 1634. Carl Gustaf Wrangel was the commander from 1639 on. The second battalion was sent to Germany in 1642, and the whole regiment fought at the Battle of Leipzig that year, only to return to Sweden again the following year. They were present during the siege of Landskrona in 1644 during the short Torstenson War.

Dalregementet was shipped to Pomerania in 1655 following the outbreak of the Northern Wars. The regiment was part of the army that sieged and captured Marienburg in 1656, after which one of the battalions was sent to reinforce the garrison in Riga while the other participated in the attack on Copenhagen in 1659.

In preparation for the Scanian War, one of the battalions was sent back to Germany in 1674, and was once again put under command of Carl Gustaf Wrangel, who led a thrust into Brandenburg, which ended in the Battle of Fehrbellin. The other battalion was used in Scania in the Battles of Halmstad, Lund and Landskrona in 1676–1677. A temporarily raised reserve regiment of eight companies was used against Norway in the Battle of Uddevalla.

When the Great Northern War started, Dalregementet was under the command of Magnus Stenbock and was used against Denmark but was soon sent to the Baltic region, taking part in the Battle of Narva in 1700 and skirmishes in Livonia, amongst them the Crossing of Daugava in 1701. In 1702, the regiment received orders to join the main army at Warsaw. The regiment took part in the Battle of Kliszów, but was sent back to the Baltics for periods between 1702 and 1705.

It then was subordinated to the main army that fought at Holovczyn, Malatitze and finally at the Battle of Poltava, where the regiment surrendered to the Russians. The regiment was reformed with new recruits in Sweden in 1710 and was sent to Pomerania and the Battle of Gadebusch in 1712. Dalregementet once again had to surrender, this time in 1713 after the Battle of Tönningen. The regiment was reformed a second time, and took part in both the 1716 and 1718 attacks on Norway.

The next action of the regiment was in 1741 during the Hats' Russian War and the Battle of Villmanstrand, the last of the regiment's major battles. In 1758 the regiment was shipped to Pomerania yet again, this time to participate in the Seven Years' War, but Dalregementet saw no major battles during that war. In Gustav III's Russian War, Dalregementet was initially positioned along the southern Finnish coast but was later transferred to the inland, where several minor skirmishes took place during 1790. One of the battalions was involved in the First War against Napoleon, fighting minor battles against Norwegian troops which ended with the whole battalion being captured in early 1808. The final battle of Dalregementet was during the Campaign against Norway in 1814, in the Battle of Kjölbergs bro, one of the last battles Sweden fought before adopting a policy of neutrality.

The regiment was given the designation I 13 (13th Infantry Regiment) in a general order in 1816. Dalregementet was garrisoned in Falun from 1908. In 1973, the regiment gained the new designation I 13/Fo 53 as a consequence of a merge with the local defence area Fo 53. The regiment was disbanded in 2000 :(


  • The War against Sigismund (1598–1599)
  • The Polish War (1600–1629) 
  • The Thirty Years' War (1630–1648) 
  • The Torstenson War (1643–1645) 
  • The Northern Wars (1655–1661) 
  • The Scanian War (1674–1679) 
  • The Great Northern War (1700–1721) 
  • The Hats' Russian War (1741–1743) 
  • The Seven Years' War (1757–1762) 
  • The Gustav III's Russian War (1788–1790) 
  • The First War against Napoleon (1805–1810) 
  • The Campaign against Norway (1814)

Organisation 1634(?)

1200 men in 2 Batallions of 4 Companys each
  • Livkompaniet 
  • Överstelöjtnantens kompani 
  • Majorens kompani 
  • Orsa kompani 
  • Rättviks kompani 
  • Gagnef kompani 
  • Mora kompani 
  • Västerdals kompani

Friday, May 16, 2014

Dux Britanniarum - Raiders

Last week Jonas had set up a Dux Britanniarum game for us using the new supplement The Raiders. This was the start of a mini campaign that he will run at the club. For this first game we got to play with his lovely painted Picts and Saxons.

I also got to use his dark age buildings when I set the terrain the evening before the game, greate buildings indeed, all scratch build by Jonas.

You can find the rest of my pictures (Jonas was to bussy to umpire) and a full introduction to the campaign at Jonas blog.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Half way... least all my Swedish Allmoge minis now are up on their new bases, 192 minis, 48 bases. Now thera are only the bases to fix up left... I´ll be back...

Monday, May 12, 2014

re-basing... the never ending story

Re.basing the Swedish Allmoge...200 minis to get new bases...all minis have now been removed from their bases, a hell of a work, I fortunately didn´t cut any fingers...

The minis are now sorted up with the fresh painted ones, I also made some fixing up painting on the old ones.

I have tried to mix them as much as possible manufactur wise, so I only have one Kingmaker and Claymore mini on each base, the majorety of my minis are Perry so they are 2-3 on each base. Each base have 2 bow/crossbow minis and 2 with polearm, at least most of them...

As you can see some of them already got their new shiny bases with softly rounded corners from Warbases

The story continues...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

400 Followers, Thank you all !

I just notised that I got to the 400 mark for my followers:)

Thank you all that have decided to follow my wargaming adventures, I hope you feel that you get some interesting information about Swedish history and wargaming from my blog.

Suppouse it would be appropriate with a Givaway draft, I´ll be back on that in a separate post.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The curse of re-basing...

Back in December 2010 when I started my 28mm Kalmar Union War project I started to base the minis on Impetus bases (ie 12cm front) but quite quick I decided to re-base them on 40x40mm bases to get more flexebility and also be able to play semi-skirmish games with them, all good....

...just that I was lazy and only used 3 minis on each base, I also based bow/crossbowmen and polearms on separate bases... the project have gone by my knowledge about the period and the compsition of the forces ofcourse increase, so I have for quite some time wanted to fix up and re-base my Swedish Allmoge, adding one more mini on each base and also mixing up the bow/crossbowmen and polearmed men on each base to get a more unorgonised/militia feel of the units.

As you know I during the last month painted quite some extra Allmoge minis. I now have enought to add one on each one of the 50ish bases I already have, I even painted so much that I can get me 54 bases in the end, 9 units of 6 bases...might have to paint me 24 more minis so I even it up to 60 bases of swedish Allmoge...can´t have to many:)

Below you can see some pictures of the first unit "Before and After" 18 vs. 24 minis. Maybe not the greatest difference but to me it is huge, as this issue really got to my wargaming mind;)