Sunday, February 20, 2022

Dwarf leader and some barbarians


Been working on some additions for my fantasy armies to use with Othamark, thought to set up a Dwarf kingdom  to rule all my goblins as well as some barbarian humans. 

So a unit of Human Barbarian warriors made from Frostgrave barbarian minis. and a Dwarf leader mounted on a troll with spear armed dwarf bodyguards (probably field him as a character in a spearmen unit). Mounted dwarf are a character from the Zombicide  Paul Bonner box and the dwarf spear men are the Oathmark ones.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Stargrave "Starport Raid"


Was running the "Starport Raid" scenario for Stargrave game yesterday at the club, 4 players and a bunch of pirates and other ne´er-do-well scumms like the "animal controll bounty hunter" that captured one of my "dogs". It all become a intense firefight when all the crews tried to run for their ships and escape the pirates, several crew member was capured by the pirates and had to be ransomed back.

Below a bunch of pictures from the game, in the last picture you can see one of my newly made "Holographic walls" :)

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Oathmark, Goblins and Elvs


Thought it was time to try out the Oathmark fantasy rules by Joseph McCullough and published by Osprey

Have been painting some minis for the game to, 60 Goblins that I got from my friend Matz and 20 Elfs that iI built frpm Perry WotR minis, gave them long hair made by green stuff and some fethers and old GW bits. All minis are based 5minis to a 50x40mm base.

The first outing was just a small game, with max 550 points on each side, to get a feel for the rules.

Elf Army 540 points

  • 1x Elf Spellcaster, Level 1 with the Trueflight spell (cast on friendly archers and they shoot better) 
  • 2x10 Elf Archers

Goblin Army 530 points
  • 3x10 Goblin Spearmen
  • 2x10 Goblin Archers

My initial thought was that the Elfs would have an easy victory as they shoot good and longeras well as they activate much easier, BUT even so the 2 Goblin archer units managed to kill one unit of Elf archers as well as the Spellcaster (you should not leave them infront of your othher units and especially not send them on solo heroic attack missions...) and the Goblin Spearmens took care of ther remaining Elf archer unit...

Was a nice test game to get a propper fell of the basic mecanisms in the rules, worked fine and will be more games but have to add some more units and different races, have Dwarfs and Humans on the painting table.

Below some more pictures of the minis and from the game.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Tgb 11

Got my hands on 3 Tgb 11 (Terrängbil 11), flee market find, that I painted for my Cold war gone hot project The Tgb 11 was used by the Swedish armed forces from mid 70´s well in to the 20´s century and there are still some in use. I will probably field these as a Reccon platoon.