Monday, April 24, 2017

Salute 2017 AAR

The Swedish Hero Peter Gunarsson Rambo,
the first of the Rambo family to come to America.
Special minis build by Jasper just for our Fort Mosquito game:)

Back in Sweden after a great Salute 2017! 

With a exellent team effort I, Jan, Jesper, Andy, Steve and Collin had a great time running our The Pikeman´s Lament demogame "Fort Mosquito" during the day.

We even managed to get 2 of the Salute 2017 game awards for our Fort Mosquito game; The Bill Brewer Best Table Memorial Award AND The Robert Bothwell Best Historical Game Memorial Award :)   Our thakn you to the Judges that liked our game, very appreciated and a real reccognition that we in the team do a good work with our games.

Thank you to my mateys helping out running the game and a special thanks to Jan that put a greate deal of effort and time in to building our stunning terrain ! (Special thanks to Jans understanding wife !!!) also a big thank you to Roy for helt with the transport and Henning to carying our heavy boards, appreciated.

Most of all a great Tanks to all that visited our game during the Salute 2017 day and gave good feedback on The Pikeman´s Lament rules in general and our Fort Mosquito game in particular. appreciated !!!

below some of my pictures from Salute 2017, first from our game and last from some other nice looking games I passed by during the day, unfortunate the camera on my phone seems to be giving up as many of my pictures was poor or I was to stressed taking them... any way here they are.