Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Slaine . miniature game


Tried not to but… then just had to have The new 2000AD starterbox From warlord games Slaine - Kiss my Axe! I have the Strontium dog and the Judge Dread boxes and like the rules so i guess it was a no brainer… 

I like the look of the minis just wish They wasn´t casted in Warlord resine, it is a ok material as long as it isn´t thin parts like Spears, swords etc… They are to wobbely and the paint won’t sit in place when the parts bend. So i removed the Spears and axes where it was possible and put in plastic ones. 

Below pictures of the minis from the starter box and the drune warrior box.

The Druide hut in tha last picture are from the Hate! Kickstarter.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Muppets - Stargrave Crew

Some pictures of my Stargrave Crew "The Muppets". 

They are under command of the renowed Mystic Kermit whielding his VoidBlade and Healing his comrades, he have one or two other tricks up his sleave to...

Second in command are the true owner of the ship Muppet, Mr J.P. Grosse (the little guy on the pillow) and old veteran that has used his spoil of war to make some exellent investment...or not... counted him as in a Combat Armour. 

With a crazy laught Animal uses his belowed flamer...

Wocka wocka! Fozzie are one of the two commandos in the crew and the real commedian of the crew especially when using his laughterblaster, i.e. Shotgun and grenades...

The Greate Gonzo formaly know as Gonzo the Greate are a exellent performance artist with his carbine and grenades and are the second commando of the crew...

The only true mega star of the Muppets crew the Pigman...Pigwoman...anyway Pig whielding the pig...Miss Piggy !!! and as the star she demanded to have 3 pictures...


Scooter want to be a  Hacker but hi is most often a gofer... he are only in the crew as his uncle is J.P. Grosse, the owner of the it was not an option to leave him out...

The crews 2 pet dogs, Statler and Waldorf dosent really contribute at all but every boudy think they are so cute despite all their barking and heckling...

Bork, bork, bork! No crew can work on an empty stomach so the Swedish Chef ofcourse had a given place in the crew, he also doubble as Medic.


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Almughavars and Catalan Company

Some time ago I got me a box of  FireForge Almughvars and as I already had some other FireForge minis in my pile of shame I thought it was time to make me a Catalan Company force that also will doubble as the base for a human Oathmark force. 

All minis are from FireForge, the 25 Almughvar minis have been mixed up with 15 Foot Sergeants and Scandinavian Infantry minis.  Infantry are based 5 minis to a 50x40mm base and the Cavalry are based 3 or 2 minis on a 50x60mm base. 

Friday, March 4, 2022

Stargrave "Overgrown Factory"


During the week we had another 4 player go at Stargrave, this time the "Overgrown Factory" scenario with a warbot guardding the center loot and a bunch of creatures spawning at the other loots if the player unlock and rolled a odd number.

My Muppet crew only managed to get hold of one loot and of course there was 4 Shengryllas that showed up...they was harder to get rid of then expected, think 1 or 2 of them managed to last the complete game. My flamer "Animal" managed to toast 3 of Pål´s crew members in one go love the flamer.)

Some randfom game pictures below.