Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Plastic Soldier Company T-55 and Soviet Infantry

For my Cold war gone hot project I got me a couple of some very nice minis from The Plastic Soldier Company, a box of five T-55 Main battle Tanks and a box with a Soviet Infantry Company .

The T-55 are an iconic Warzaw pact tank, n the box you get 5 of them and there is parts so you can build 6 different models of the T55 tank (Soviet T-55, Soviet T-55A, Soviet T-55AM, Czech T-55A, Polish T-55 and Polish T-55A). I chose to build mine as plain Soviet T-55.

They was easy to build despite it took some time to locate the right part on the sprue, so many choises. In the end they they turned out very fine.

The Soviet Infantry Company box was filled with minis 126 in total, 8 basic infantry sprues with 12 minis on each sprue, including 1 LMG and 1 RPG. as well as 3 command/special weapon sprues with 10 minis on each as well as the support weapon for your company, 3xsnipers, 3xSA-7, 3xAT-4 Spigot, A3xT-3 Sagger and 3xASG-17.

I like the look of them and that it was quite many different poses so I get a active look of my units, fast to paitn to especially sins i didn´t put much effort in the painting, 15mm start to be a bit small for my eyes.

I would absolutely recomend both these kits especially the Infantry as they got at least me all the Soviet minis and infantry support I need in a cost effective way.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Cold war gone hot - Seven Days to the River Rhine

Seems like a 1980´s Cold War gone Hot using the Seven Daysto the River Rhine from Great Escape Games will be the next gaming hype at the club.

At least a couple of games already been played and I know both Russian DDR, West german, American and Swedish forces are in different stages of mobilization...

I started to paint some 15mm Swedes and Russians some month ago so I´m well ahead and got a test game of the rules in the othererday with my son David.

A Meeting engangement between a Platoon of Swedish Armourd Infantry and a platyoon of Russian Armourd Infantry reinforced with twoT-55 tanks. We had a really good game, rules work fine and was quick to get hold of.

The T-55´s and the Russian Infantry from Plastic Soldier Company, rest of the Russians from Flames of War as well as the Swedish Infantry, the Swedish Bv-302 are 3d prints.

Below a map and some pictures from the game.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

1930´s Planes and Factory

Some years ago we run a Very Moderate Swedish Conflict campaign at the club (Swedesh civil was during the 1930´s inspired by AVBCW). I have continued to add to my collection for the project and to morrow me and a friend will have a game so I took some pictures of the gamingboard I set up showing some of my latest additions, a Factory from Ziterdes as well as a pair of 1930´s biplanes (that i made out of the 1:55 scale toy plane "Lead Bottom" from the Disney Planes film).

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Mutants and Outpost Processing Plant

Was a long time sins I bought any 40K minis but some weeks ago I got me a me a box of 6  Poxwalkers to be used as radiationinfested Mutans for my small Postapocalyptic project. Also got me a hardfoam Outpost Processing Plant from Micro Art Studios.

Monday, June 3, 2019

UKGE - Best Miniature Rules 2019...

...Rebels and Patriots published by Osprey games. Unfortunate I was not at the UK Games Expo this weekend to recieve the Award for Best Miniature Rules 2019, but my partner in crime Dan Mersey was...

....he apparently did it with a rock-and-roll twist as he smashed the award in the floor when recieving it... by accivent he claim... more a wargaming answer to  Pete Townshed and his guitarr smashing in my mind...

Much glad and honoured to recieve the award !

Thanks to all you that support us by buying and playing the Rebels and Patriots rules !

Award before the "Accident"...
After the "Accident"...

Thursday, May 23, 2019

One more frolic with the yankees

In the latest Wargames Soldiers and Strategy issue 102 you can find a Rebels and Patriots article One more frolic with the yankees - British raids along the shores of Chesapeake Bay, including rocket artillery rules by yours truly, hope you up for some War of 1812 gaming.

Below some pictures of my scratch built Rocket Artillery.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Rebels and Patriots made it to the UKGE shortlist

Today the UK Game Expo presented the games that made it to the UKGE Awards Shortlist, 2019 ie. the ones you can vote for, and Rebels and Patriots are one of the 3 rules nominated for the "Best Miniature Rules" award :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Land of the Giants...

Salute in a miniature perspective...

My dear friends Alan and Elaine Daniels did also take some stunning pictures from the miniatures eyeview... lots of giants around our Battle at Dänholmen 1807 table :)