Friday, March 26, 2021

Danish Reinforcements

Found some leftover Perry Medieval minis from my Kalmar Union Project in a box, so I got around to paint them up as Danish Reinforcements.

First pictures are of 16 "Knektar" Mixed footknights and billmen. Then you have some pictures of 6 "Svenner" mountd crossbowmen (made from the Perry plastic Knights).  Las therea are two pictures of a "Extra" a Knight that got help to get in to his armour, lovely mini that add to the feel of the game.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Got a Article in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 113 :)

Just wanted to let you knwo that you can find a article and scenario of mine in the latest Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, issue 113.

The theme for this issue are "Conflict in Norway throught the ages" and my article are about the Swedish attack at Trondheim in 1718 that ended in a Swedish disaster. Writen for Rebels and Patriots rules but also included stats for Black Powder.

I have also produced this months WSS Online scenario, The Battle of Bysjön 1644, one again a Swedish loss against the Norwegians... writhen for The Pikemens Lament and free for download.

Hope you like them both and that they give you some good games.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Swedish Allmoge Soldiers Ambush Landsknechts by Albin

Today some stunning pictures of my fellow dalecarlian miniature painter Albin´s diorama of  Swedish Allmoge Militia ambushing a group of Landsknechts in Danish service.

The Swedes are mainly made out of Perry plastic WOTR and ACW minis and the Landsknechts from Steelfist and Warlord.

Thanks Albin for leting me post your pictures of  your exellent work.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Rebels and Patriots in Mexico

Last week my son David and I had a small Rebels and Patriot game set during the Mexican-American War 1846-1848.

The scenario was a American colon that needed to exit the board to the East (1VP for each unit leaving the board) and a Mexican force to perform an ambush mainly from the South board edge to stop them (1VP for each American unit routed). 

OOB - American (David)

  • 3x Units of Line Infantry (one with the Leaders @ 4 points each
  • 1x Unit of Light Artillery with Limber @ 6 points
  • 1x Unit of Light Cavalry @ 4 points
  • 1x Unit of Skirmishers @ 2 points

OOB - Mexican (Dalauppror)

  • 1x Unit of Heavy Cavalry (with leader) @ 6 points
  • 1x Small unit of  Aggressive Heavy Cavalry @ 6 points
  • 1x Unit of Mounted Skirmishers that are Good Shooters @ 6 points
  • 1x Small Unit of Aggressive Shock Infantry (Dissmounted Heavy Cavalry) @ 6 points

Short recap of the game.

The Mexican was allowed to deploy one unit at the East board edge and the rest at the South, the American deplyed in Colon on the road from the West.

The American started to move along the road as the Mexican Cavalry tried to close in the distance to them... as the Mexican approached the American lined up along the road and opened fire with the Artillery and then the Line Infantry... Devestating result for the Mexican Heavy Cavalry...

It all lokked like an easy win for the American but the Mexican seemed to have extreme morale as they time after time passed Morale checks and continued the fight...

When the smoced cleared the Mexican forces was all routed but they had managed to cause 3 American to rout so it all ended upp in a Draw 3VP vs. 3VP.