Friday, December 14, 2018

Not secure blogger blogs

Some weeks ago I got a comment that my blog was not secure and blocked by some security programs. I’m not very technical but I started to look around for a solution and found that in my Blog Settings - Basic the HTTPS redirect was set on No. Changed it to Yes and problem solved I hope, please tell if not.

Some weeks ago I got a comment that my blog was not secure and blocked by some security programs. I’m not very technical but I started to look around for a solution and found that in my Blog Settings - Basic the HTTPS redirect was set on No. Changed it to Yes and problem solved.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Rebels and Patriots AAR

A short Rebels and Patriots AAR from one of the playtest games, Mexican-American War, The Maxican player was to attack a small farm with a few American defenders and some civilians. The main focus for the game was to test out the Chock Infantry.

OOB - Mexicans, 16 points

2 units of Shock Infantry @ 6 points each
2 units of Skirmishers @ 2 points each

OOB - Americans, 8 points + 12 points

1 unit of Light Infantry @ 6 points
1 unit of Skirmishers @ 2 points

American reinforcements

3 units of Line Infantry @ 4 points each

2 units of Mexican Shock infantry lined up for an frontal assault. The order was to seize the hacienda and also if possible capture the civilians.

The American defendes had baricade themselfs with the objective to defend the Hacienda and keep the Civilians safe untill reinforcements could arrive.  

As most units in Rebels and Patriots are fragile to firing, especially at close range (2 Hits are one Casualty)  the Mexican player visely deployed his 2 Skirmish units in front of the Shock Infantry to save them for the final assault of the hacienda.

The American defenders opened up as soon aws the enemy was within range (18"). The Light Infantry does not have the Firs Fire rule so there is no cause to whait to open fire. 

The intense American firing take its toll on the Mexican Skirmishers advancing in fron of the Shock Infantry that forms in to Close Order Formation gaining the benefits of better Disciplin and Fighting and Firing capabilities and as there are no American artillery close by there is prety safe to have a unit in Close Order.

As we allow unit in Close Order to pass through Skirmishers the Shock Infantry can advance as long as possible in cover of their Skirmishers...

Even Shock Infantry in close order may fail a activation from time to time,,,the Mexican Officers unit are draging behind...

As the American Skirmishers decided to leave the Hacienda with the civilians the American reinforcements arrives

The Mexicans have advanced within the Maximum Attack Distance, but they cant be sure to reach their intended target unit with a Attack Action. The Attack distanse in Rebels and Patriots are not set but are determined by the activation roll of the Attack Action.

The American contuniues thir advance but not as fast as the Officer want them to...

The Mexican Shock Infantry tries to Attack the Hacienda, the first unit with the Officer fails to rech the enemy as they was to far away and are now in a bad spot for enemy fire. BUt the second Mexican Shock Infantry unit that are closer succeed to reach the haciensa...

...a intence fight take place but even if the Light Infantry har the benefit of hard cover by the Hacienda the firece Mexican Shock Infantry manage to dislodge the American Defender and occupie the Hacienda.

With the Mexicans in possession of the Hacienda the American Officer eads a Do or Die charge against the mexican Shock Infantry, but all in wain as Shock Infantry in hard cover indeed are a tought nut to crack...

The Americans tried a second time, also unsucessfull, before the game ended.

That was all for this time, hope yoy had a good read and that you all will have a great weekend!

You can see Wargames Illustrateds Flipthrough film at youtube:

Sunday, December 2, 2018

A few design thoughts from our work with Rebels and Patriots

Thought I would share a bit about some of the rules in Rebels and Patriots and a bit about our thoughts regarding them. The minis in the pictures converted perry and vitrix minis from my Mexico-American war project that I started due to the playtest of the Rebels and Patriot rules, was to be a small project but ended up in a total of 180 infantry, 24 cavalry and 3 guns.

Mexican Officer attached to a unit of Line Infantry

Officer, as I have a background in roll-playing games and always have liked to be able to get some kind of campaign feel to my wargaming games. For The Pikeman´s Lament I introduced a larger focus on the Officer of your Companies and the development of the Officer linked to his battlefield deeds. As it seems like most people liked the concept so Dan and I decided to stick to it

We use more or less the same rules for Offier, you gain Honour depending on how god or bad your Officer and company solved their objective during the scenarios. The Officers give bonuses to units close by and we introduced a new stat for them Tactical Value that are a bonus to add when you decide Attacker and Defender, if your Officer are a tactical wonder he have a greater chance to influence if he shall be aggressor or defender.

3 units of American Line infantry and a unit of Skirmishers escorting 
the damsels in distress to a safe haven

Troops, the basic company is as always 24 points and the different Troop types most often cost 2, 4 or 6 points and they have a bunch of different options so you can customize them as your gaming group want to represent different troops during the era you games. Please look at the troop types in their own historical context, you can’t really compare a Line Infantry unit from the AWI with a Line Infantry unit from AWI even if they use the same Troop type.

For example if you are gaming AWI and want to run a Bunker Hill inspired battle you have to think about how to best represent the different troops involved, the American Militia and the British Regulars would be represented by the same troop type: Line Infantry, here is where the Options comes in play. 

The American Militia everyone would say was not as good as the British regulars, but how would that be represented in the Rebels and Patriots rules? 

If we in this case decide that the British Regulars are the norm and use the basic Line Infantry stats for them, for the American Militia we now have to use different options to downgrade them like making them Green, they now have a negative modification on Activation and Morale, we might also give them the option Timid to represent their lack of bayonets and reluctant to stand a British charge.

So I urge you to take some minutes to think about how to let the abstractions in the rules represent different historical effects like for Rifled muskets with miné balls compared to Smooth-bore muskets with buck and ball, what is the norm in your game? If the Rifled Musket are the norm then the Smooth-bore would need to be represented with the downgrade option Poor Shooter etc. I hope that you better understand a bit of our thinking behind troop types, options compared to historical performance by the troops.

Mexican Grenadiers in Close Order formation screened by Mexican Skirmishers, all by the drill book

The game turn, we think it is correct that battles should see more units doing more things by this time of history, unlike the less well drilled armies of earlier centuries and sins the Activation-roll reflects the command and control of you force, we decided to let all units have a chance to be activated each turn.

So when a unit fails its Activation that does not end your turn. the turn ends when you tried to activate all your units or does not want to try activate any more of your unactivated units.

We also decided to only use one value for activations and morale etc. and then modified that depending on circumstances like morale effects etc. If you roll 6 or more on 2D6 you have succeeded with your Activation etc,. 

In short there is a 72% probability to activate a unit, if no possitive or negative modifications are in play, that might feel like a pretty good chance, but be sure that you often, at the most crucial moment, will fail your activations...

To increase you chances of success we have tried to take in account things that we feel effected linear warfare, like the Officers influence on the unit, the unit’s formation and it training/experience, in short a Veteran unit, in command and a in a Close Order formation will succeed 97% of the times. 

French Legionnaires on a Mexican adventure, the unit has 2 Dissorder markers so indeed in a bad state and need to be rallied on their next activation. (Minis painted by my matey Andy)

Morale, to show the attrition of battle, units gain Dissorder markers and if a unit gain to many the unit will rout and be removed from the game. The Dissorder markers effect the units performance very much and even if some Officers will continue the fight with a disordered unit it might be a much better ideea to try to Rally them and get back their combat effectivness and also minimising the risk that the unit will turn around and run for home. Once again, experienced troops in good command and formation will sustain morale effects much better.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Rebels and Patriots #1 - 1,2,3-Basing

Today it is 2 month untill Dan Mersey´s and My wargaming rules Rebels and Patriots will be published by Osprey Games, 24 January 2019. I thought it would be good to, while we eagerly await the release, post some blogpost about the rules.

This first one are purely optional as it revolves around our sugested basing in the rules, the 1,2,3-Basing. What bases you have your minis on dosen´t really mater much in regards of the rules, as long as both sides have more or less the same it will work fine, but I have come to the conclussion that I prefer my 1,2,3-Basing and I hope more wargamers will see the benefits with it.

I thought it was good to re-post the information for all you that might want to base your minis for Rebels and Patriots in this way. My main reason to use 1,2,3-Basing was to force my co-players not to line up the minis in neat formations as it took away the skirmish feel to the games we played.

So I started to test aroud to base several minis on the the same base and still keep some singlebased for "change", after some testing with number of minis and base sizes I ended up with the 1,2,3-Basing you now can see me using it on more or less all my miniature projects.

The 1,2,3-Basing gives me good looking units while retaining the feel of skirmish gaming, as well as speeding things along with fewer bases to move and with the possibility to remove casualties, sounds like a winning concept ;)

Base sizes I recomend:

  • 1 model on a round 25mm base 
  • 2 models on round 30mm bases 
  • 3 models on round 40mm bases 

  • 1 model on a round 40mm base 
  • 2 models on a round 50mm base 
  • 3 models on a round 60mm base 

  • 1 gun on a base large enough to hold it and the gunner models based like other infantry units 

Using this basing standard means that you easily group the bases together in the groupsizes used in Rebels and Patriots, 6, 12 or 18 models depending on troop type and still remove casualties with ease, if/when you need to...

If you have really bulky minis you might wan´t to add 5-10 mm on the communal bases to fit all minis in, but I rather have them close toghether (maybe cutting some off/adjusting the models base) than increase the base size.

I hope this will turn you in to a 1,2,3-Basing gamer :) If not the rules will work as fine !

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Battle Ravens a Viking Board game by Dan Mersey

As  most of you surely know by now my matey Dan Mersay have designed a viking inspired board game called Battle Raven, it is now up on kickstarter so please have a look and support his project.

The Ideea to Battle Raven Dan got when hi was here in Sweden when he and I was visiting a bunch of viking museums, good inspiration as it seems.

I have been fortunate enought to get a pre-production copy of the game so I thought I would show you some pictures of the stuff in the box.

Must say it all look really good awith the Peter Dennis art work, even the units look good, must admit I had a slight problem with using paper standees instead of minis at first but it worked and looked good when set up.

Included in the basic box are:

  • 1 x rulebook 
  • 1 x game board 
  • 2 x Anglo-Saxon army punchboards inkluding 10 raven tookens on each
  • 2 x Norse army punchboards inkluding 10 raven tookens on each
  • 5 x dice 
  • 78 x plastic stands
The Kickstarter Strechgoals hopefully will add so you get more in the box, like tactical cards, mounted gameboard, extra dices etc.

The concept of Battle Ravens are two shield walls lined up and clachung in a frenzied battle where you as the commander of your shield wall have to micromanage the resourses you have to your disposal in the form of Raven tookens.

The Raven tookens you will use to move around your troops to strenthen parts of your shiled wall and to attack and to defend. If you put to much focus on one part of your shield wall a cunning enemy will exploit your weakneses and may be break your shiled wall with the help of the goods.

The rules in them self are fast and easy to learn so you can totaly focus on how to get the most out of your Ravens and Troops to win the battle.

I have had a couple of testgames with my son David 9-years old, it worked very good even if the gamebox state from 14 years, David had no problem to get the rules, he even defeated me the 3 times we played... must be something wrong on the dices...

So if you feel up for a interesting and fun viking battle game be sure to sigh up to the Battle Ravens  kickstarter, the basic pledge are £30, normal retail cost £35 and you get an extra Scottish army worth £11 without any extra cost. 

Battle Ravens on Kickstarter