Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Giant Spider

One more monster from the Wizkids range of D & D minis, this time a Phase Spider (SKU: 72572) for £4. 

Below a 3D-render of the spider.

The Dwarfs in the pictures are the Osprey/North Star multipart plastic dwarfs that are in the pipeline. I based the Giant Spider on a 60mm base, the single based Dwarfs are on 25mm.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Eagle of Empire infantry rulebook out now as .pdf

My matey Sören has just released his Eagle of Empire rule, Rulebook 1: Infantry Skirmish dedicated to support his 28mm Franco-Prussian war miniature range.

The rules are avaliable in .PDF file at the moment in the EoE webb shop.

Even if i´m a bit bias I must say Sören made a great work on the rules, they give fun, fast and intence games, especially the layout of them, looks great.

Some side spread samples below.

Empire of Eagle also started a collaboration with North Star Miniatures and have just released a fist box with North Star Franco-Prussian War minis in the Prussian Jägers box of 2 squads.

Boxed set of 16 Prussian Jägers, with 12 skirmishing action poses and 4 command figures incl. bugler, officer and troop card.

Recognised by their special shakos and dark green uniforms, the Jäger units were the elite light infantry of the Prussian army during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71.

In the Eagles of Empire Rules, the Jägers will feature some expert firing abilities, keeping the French advance at bay with their marksmanship.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


I got me a Troll from the Wizkids range of D & D minis. Troll (SKU: 72573), was wey cost effective, only £4. the troll was big, about 60mm foot to eye, When I was in the store I thought it would match with my othere trolls from the GW box "Battle at Skull Pass" but the GW troll (35mm froot to eye) was a bit small compared to the D & D one...

Os my GW troll didn´t get a friend this time ... instead I decided to do the D & D troll in to a lone as Grendel from the Beowulf saga.

Below a 3D-render of the troll, can say that the teeth and mouth wasnt that good IRL.

I added some green stuf to get a bigger nose, jaw, pointed ears, a tail, some more hair and muchroms on his back. I also added some bits from the bitbox like a backpack and severed heads to his belt and also a big club. I hope you like the end result. The Dwarf in the Pictures are a plastic one from the Osprey/North Star dwarfs that will be released.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Reinforcements for the medieval Danes

I have been painting a new batch of minis for my matey Tony´s Medieval Danish Retinue for Lion Rampant.

With these additions all the Three Houses I been painting now have:

  • 1 unit of 6 Mounted Knights/Serjants. 
  • 1 unit of 6 Foot Knights. 
  • 1 unit of 12 Spear/Bill men.
  • 1 unit of 6 bow or crossbow men.

Minis this time are a mix of Perry HYW range and Claymore Castings.

Friday, July 7, 2017


Harpies from GameZone Miniatures. I got them from my matey Oscar some years ago that had more or less finished the painting, but they have been in a box sins then and been damaged, so I had to do some re-constructional painting on them and I also rebased them and added a poor Soldier that get his head ripped off...