Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What you always have needed...

...a guide to the Swedish Napoleonic Uniform of course:)

Its you luckey day then... as I and my matey Mattias have restarted our Swedish Napoleonic project and Mattias have been kind to put together the firts part of a introduction to the Swedish Napoleonic Uniform, so please head over to his blog and have a good read.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Grodno Hussars 1808

As you know I have been trying to convert some of the new splendid warlord French Napoleonic Hussars in to Russians. I have now painted 26 (was possible to make 13 out of each box) of them.

I tried to get them to look as Grodno Hussars as they took part in the Russian Invassion of Finland in 1808 and was during a greate part of the campaign in the Russian vanguard under command of the famous cavalry commander J.P. Kulnev.

I must admit that I´m not a fan of painting napoleonic uniforms, but I hope you cope anyway...

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cold War game pictures

As you surely know by now I had an cold war article in WSS 83 for the Black Ops rules revolving around the 1981"Whiskey on the Rock" incident here in Sweden. The Russians decided to run one of their Whiskey class submarines up on a rock in a Swedeish naval base...claiming to have missed the navigation a bit as they belived to be in Poland...yes sure...

Anyway here are a bunch of pictures. that not was used in the WSS, from some of the test games of the Scenarios included in the article, All other boats are from the collection of my club matey Joakim

I hope you like the pictures and also have a greate weekend !