Thursday, October 31, 2013

Germen mercenarys in Danish service #6

8 more German mercenarys with Pikes and Bills, this time in a more advancing/attacking position. The banner are a re-use from about a year ago.

If my time schedual holds I hope to paint 4 of them each day, so expect some more pictures in a day or so...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Germen mercenarys in Danish service #5

As we changed the time to Winter time here in Sweden during the weekend, on hour back, meant that I got one more houre to paint helps a bit that the wife are out of town to;)

Any way I managed to fix this 16 crossbowmen for my Danish Kalmar Union War Force. Most of the minis was alread painted some year ago, by my seld and my friend Tomas, but they needed a fix up and some more "Landsknecht stripes". Most of the minis are old GW minis if I recal right.

Now back to the Pike/Bill men...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Germen mercenarys in Danish service #4

Hard work painting sins yeaterday, and the fact that the wife are out of town for a couple of days;). I managed to finish 8 more minis, in total 12 minis for my 36 minis strong Germen mercenarys unit in Danish service...all the back row of the unit.

I cut some corners on these as some of them have been in other Danish units but now they been relocated:) as are the flag a old one that I painted for my danes about a year ago.

I have laied out the bases that will be used. 9 bases with 4 infantry minis for tha main unit in total 36 minis and 2 bases on each flan for the crossbowmen 4 on each base in total 16 minis.

As I got some spare time during this weekend I will now try to finish the 16 crossbowmen, some of them are also re-use of old minis, but they have to have some major repair painting...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Germen mercenarys in Danish service #3

A WIP picture of the firts 4 painted minis for my Germen mercenarys unit in Danish service.

The minis are old GW Empire plastics and Perry WotR Plastics. 32 more to go... the next 8 will fill up the back row of the unit and I plan to have pictures of them up here tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Germen mercenarys in Danish service #2

Here are the first pictures of my newly glued German Mercenarys in Danish service for my Kalmar Union War project.

As far as I have found information the danes hired individuals, groups and the accational company and ofcourse artillery/seige experts of German mercenarys. The infantry was probably mixed up with the Danish infantry provided by the Danish Nobles, as the mercenary knights was mixed up with the Danish Knights.

So my units will have a mix of old and new equipment/clothes in a ragtag look. I hope it will look good in the end...

I built the minis from Perry WotR plastics and old GW plastic bits.

The green bases are just for the painting, they will be re-based in a more proper manner;)

Now I will make a web trip to Stuarts exellent Landsknecht blog to get some tip´s and inspiration of how to paint them...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Germen mercenarys in Danish service

I have decided to add some minis to my Danish Kalmar Union War force, this time there will be some German mercenarys with a Landsknecht flavour.

Danish hired Landsknechts vs. Swedish Allmoge

Inspired by the Paul Dolnstein drawing of Landsknechts in Danish service fighting Swedish Allmoge in 1502 I will try to build me some German Mercenarys using a mix of Perry WotR Plastics and old GW Empire plastic bits...I hope it all will work out...

Hard times for the Swedish Allmoge, at least he didn´t lose his head...

The first WIP pictures of the minis will come in a day or two...just have to glue some of the minis together first...

Friday, October 18, 2013

The burning barn mystery solved...

Greate with all the feedback and guesses regarding the Burning Barn.

As several of you have suggested the reason of the Burning barn are of course a minor misshap by Shopkeeper Sjökvst when he was seting up a new moonshine stil for the Red´s that captured him in one of our lates games...

This explosion was also the starting point for our latest game as it allerted the White forces in the region...more about that later...

Some pictorial evidence about who set the Barn on fire...

You can clearly see the perp fleeing the scene...was it an accident od did hi do it on purpose...

Don´t know if it was smart to park the escape vehicle in the barn...

Shopkeeper Sjökvst and his delivery van...

I thank you all for inovative ideeas and I decided to put the name of all 30 that have replied to my post and make a prize draw of it all, I hope you don´t mind.

So to the result of the prize draw was:

First prize to JP at the Herefordshire 1938 blog are 4 unpainted minis 28mm, interwar Swedish Landsstorm with Tricorne Hats, sponsored by my Friend Björn at Ådalen Miniatures. Pleas make a visit to his blog:)

The prize minis are UNpainted. 
The minis in the picture above are painted by Björn, 
and you can all see how you should paint them...

Second prize to Christopher at the Bunker Hill blog are the book The Devil's Chariots by John Glanfield

By the CAN`T look inside here;)

Congratulation to the winners !

If the winners please send me a mail to with your adress and I´ll send you your prize right away...or at least on monday.

I hope you all will have a realy nice weekend !

Monday, October 14, 2013

Who made the damage on the Swerdish Barn?

...a bird...a it was a.......   
...who/what made the damage on the Swerdish Barn? 
Make the right guess and win a prize!

As you know I been working on a damaged Swedish Barn for our A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict club project, during the weekend I have painted the barn.

Im my erlier blog posts some questions have been raised about how did the Barn got damaged?

I of course know the true story, but you are very welcome to make your guesses. I´ll give you about 48 houres to guess.

If some one of you manages to make a neare enought guess I of course sort out a prize for you :)

Here are some more pictures of the finished barn...

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict AAR #9

Here comes the lates AAR from our A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict Club Project.

This time both the Red´s and the White´s had got knowledge about a secret moonshine factory run by the Local Shoopkeeper Sjökvst. Ofcourse the moonshiner´s tried to do their best to get away with some of the moonshine and the secret moonshine formula...


White side: Stötgrupp KNÖS

  • Leader: Lieutenant Von Oben accompanied by Nurse Sigrid 
  • 2x6 Regulars with rifles and a Automatic Rifle 
  • 1x Regular Armored Car with 2 crew and a LMG
  • 1x8 Militia witn Rifles and grenades "TöLP, Group Berzelius" 

Red Side: Troops from the Darlecarlian regiment

  • Leader: Staff Sergeant Frost from Dalregementet
  • 2x6 Regulars with Rifles and one Automatic Rifle in each group
  • 1x4 Regulars with Horse drawn Anti-Tank Gun
  • 1x4 Militia with a Light Mortar 
Civilian Side: Moonshiners
  • Leader: Shopkeeper Sjökvst
  • 4 Civilians with Rifles and Pistols
  • 2 Trucks with Moonshine

This game was realy greate with several changes and mortar rounds flying alover the place. Also nice to have a scenario there the main goal are not to shoot the enemy to pieces...even if it helps out to do that to win;)