Saturday, December 25, 2021

Desperta Ferro! - Fireforge Almughavars

Santa brought me some of Fireforge plastic Almughavars so I thought I shold share some pictures of the frames. The box have 24 minis with 6 different body poses and a lot of arming option spears, javelins, swords, shileds and of course the classic large knifes. There are also a banner and 10 different head options. you get 4 main frames and 4 weapon frames. and bases in the box

I like the minis very much, especially all the different options, so many they wouldn´t even fit on the normal frame but Fireforge opted to add a separate 1/2 frame with weapons etc.

I painted a lot of 15mm Almughavars some 12 years ago for my FoG Catalan Company army so it will be nice to be able to filed them as 28mm for a Lion Rampant Catalan Company warband, and the 24 minis is just enought for two 12 man units, just need to add 6 Knights, 12 Crossbowmen and 6 Light Cavalry for a full 24 point warband:)

Sunday, December 5, 2021

It is something rotten in the city of Stralsund

Osprey Games have more or less just released their latest skirmish rules The Silver Bayonet, written by Joseph A. McCullough, 

I was very impressed by the lauout of the rules, one of the best from Ospry in my mind, love the old book look and the black and white illustrations, it all gives good inspiration exccept for the Unit sheet that are a bit boring. I just had a few test games so far, but can conclude that  I love the rules and they work very well!

As you all probably know by now, I’m a big fan of having a Swedish angel of my wargaming project and of course so this time to. 

During the War of the Fourth Coalition that started in October 1806 more or less all fighting nations (France, Spain, Prussia, Russian England and of course Sweden) ended up with some troops in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern area close to, by the time Swedish city of Stralsund in Swedish Pomeria, so it is the perfect time and place for some Napoleonic monster hunts.

Bleow some pictures of the rulebook and of my Swedes, Officer with a Blunderbuss, 2 Marksmen from the Waermland Jaegers and 5 men from the Dalecarlian regiment :)