Friday, October 30, 2015

"With a Swedish connection - Life and Death of an Italian Condottiere" in Wargames, Soldier and Strategy Issu 81

Wargames, Soldier and Strategy Issu 81 that will be released on November 1st, 2015 and have the theme "The rise of the Condottieri". I managed to get an article in "With a Swedish connection - Life and Death of an Italian Condottiere". This is long from my usual Swedish focus, but I did find a god and solid Swedish connection... ;)

You can order your copy here

The article includes a Lion Rampant scenario that I hope you like. For the magazine article Michael Perry was very kind and helped me out with some greate pictures of his stunning italian war miniatures, very appreciated !

Below you can find some pictures from one of our playtes games at the club, as we don´t have many Italian war minis in our collections my 15th centery Swedes have to do service for the game, Jonas and Sören each provided a unit of splendid painted Pikemen.

In the game we used one Base of mins equaling one miniature in Lion Rampant, i.e. A unit of foot serjants that usually are 12 minis was in our game 12 bases with 4 minis on each totaling 48 minis! Big Lion Rampant ;)

Jonas Pikemen

Sörens Pikemen

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Swedish TYW Company for the Pikeman´s Lament

Some group shots of my Swedish Company from the the Dalregiment for our Thirty Years War club campaign playtesting the Pikeman´s Lament rules.

I have aimed for a battleworn unit with a mix of uniform (blue and red uniform, no historical evidence for that unitll 30 years later...but anyway...) and odd clothes as well as true men from Dalarna mixed up with Germans, Scotts and other to fill the depleeted ranks of the company.

To keep the 2:3 ratio of Pike and Shot the compossition of my 24 point Swedish company will be:

1x6 Forlorn Hope (Colour guard with the Officer) @ 4 pts
2x12 Pike @ 4 pts each
3x12 Shot @ 4 pts each

If I would feel the need for some skirmishers I will divide one of the Shot units in to 2x6 Commanded Shot @ 2 pts each.


Monday, October 26, 2015

FireForge Arab Armoured Arachers and VIP Tsubodai

I have been fortunate enought to get a blister of the new FireForge Arab Armourde Archers. Really nice minis casted in resin, I havent painted resin minis before so this will be a first. I like the minis very much, nice an d fine casts with good details and not to much casting flesh. Best of all at least for me was the lose heads, easier for me to Westernize them a bit as i will use them for my baltic Crusade project. :)

One thing I been asking my self lately are way all the plastic bases are included in the plastic mini boxes I buy from Perry, FireForge, Gripping Beast, Wargames Factory and more manufacturers,...I never use them... can´t imagine anyone does, just a waste of our hard earned cach...please stop include the bases and cut the price instead as most gamers anyway get their own prefered bases.

I also got my hands on a VIP picture of Tsubodai 1175–1248 that was a Tuva Turkic general, and the primary military strategist of Genghis Khan and Ögedei Khan. He directed more than twenty campaigns in which he conquered thirty-two nations and won sixty-five pitched battles, during which he conquered or overran more territory than any other commander in history... Quite a nice leadr for your forces, victory are sure... The mini will be released in december by FireForge.