Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Rebels and Patriots second print run :)

It seems that the Rebels and Patriot rules sell good as word are that Osprey are already planning for a second print run, not even a month after the release of the rules :)

I want to thank you each and everyone that have purchased a copy and I hope you all have fun and entertaining games with the Rebels and Patriots rules.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Widlands - The great Darkness has fallen, and the Empire with it.

Got us a new favourite boardgame at home, Wildlands by Osprey games was indeed a little gem, not so little as the game box was quite heavy.

First some basic facts

Designer: Martin Wallace
Publication Date: 18 Oct 2018
Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 30-60 minutes
Contents: 20 Unique Miniatures, 20 Character Cards, 120 Action Cards, 42 Battlefield Cards, Double-Sided Playing Board, Counters & Tokens

The basic concept of the game are that each player have a group of 5 adventurers that are on a mission to find "The arcane crystals". Each  group have 5 crystals in their own special colour randomly placed on the gaming table that they need to collect to win the game, you can also gain victory by taking out minis from the other players groups, so in total you need to reach 5 crystals or eliminated enemies to win.

Each of the different adventure groups have their own pros and cons that is illustrated by the thier unique Action Cards, 40 for each group. To learn to use these action cards in on the right mini at the right time are essential to master the game and also give the diferent gangs their own flavoure and chalanges.

The game mecanism are easy to learn, even if i had to rerad the rules twice to understand it all, thought they was writen in a complicated way, but probably me not used to boardgame rules writen in english, but when we had our first game it was no problem, not even for David that is 9 to understand the game and really enjoy playing it.

When I write this we have played about 6 or 7 games trying out 3 of the adventure gangs so far, we have had really fun and easy going gaming session. The game component in general are of good quality and the lastic minis included look wery good, at first I considered painting them, but I really like the black ink style of them.

It seems like Osprey will support the game with additional expanssions, at least 2 new adventure groups and a new doublesided gaming board have already been announced.

The cost of the game are £60 which was quite much to me but considering the quality of the minis and component and that we liked the game very much I now consider it well spent money.

Osprey have a 10% disscount on the Wildland box at the moment.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Salute 2019 - Battle at Dänholm 1807

For this years Salute we will run a Demogame using the by Osprey games newly released Rebels and Patriots rules by Dan Mersey and my self. We always have a Swedish theme for our Salute games and this year will be no different, so our game will not be set in the normal Rebels and Patriots context but in Napoleonic era Europe and the epic struggle by Sweden to withstand the forces of Napoleon in the War of the Fourth Coalition 1807.

Our games revolves around the fighting on the small Island Dänholm that are located between the City of Stralsund and the Island of Rügen. The Swedish troops had surendered Stralsund to the French but keept the small but vital Island of Dänholmen to be able to secure the retreat and safe withdrawel of the Swedish Army from the Island of Rügen. But the french was eager to conclude it all and on the morning of the 25 of august 1807 they performed an amphbious assault to take the Island of Dänholmen.

Below you can see some pictures of Swedish troops I converted and painted, first you have a unit of newly awaken Swedish troops converted from different packs of  Perry miniatures AWI southern militia, the second group of picture depicts some Swedish Prisoners of war converted from Perry miniatures seated French soldiers and the last group are Wounded Swedes as well as 2 French soldiers, The Swedes are converted from Perry miniatures different napoleonic and AWI ranges to look a bit more Swedish. The French soldiers are one Perry and one Foundry.

I hope I will see you at Salute 2019.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Tanks - The Modern Age

Tody my son david and I had our first 2 test games of Tanks - The Modern Age by GF9.

I have been painting 2 American M1A1 Abrams and 4 Soviet T-64 tanks for the game, really nice plastic 15mm models, same minis as for Team Yankee.

We started up our "1984 - Cold War Gone Hot" with 1 American against 2 Soviets to get a feel of the rules, but the basics was realy easy so already in our next game we fielded 2 M1A1 with some upgrade cards agintst 4 T-64, in total 80 points each.


David run the Soviets and I the American and some how I managed to lose both games... and I even had a bunch of upgrades on my tanks as well managed to get around  his flank... Need to get me Some Swedish S-Tanks to stop the Russian hoard now.