Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Draugar - Viking Again-walkers

Zombies are nothing new to us here in Sweden and the Nordic countries. They have been bothering us for more than 1000 years, all the way back to the Viking era and beyond. We call them Draugar, which means ‘Again-walkers’, as this is what they really are. Some of you might also want to name them revenants, but as this article is focused on the Viking mythology, we will stick with the Norse name of Draugar. And they are plentiful, at least in the scenarios in my latest article in WSS-85.

In the article you can read a bit about how I build my Draugar so I thought I would share some work in progress pictures from my build of my 72 Draugar.  In the next blog post i´ll post some WIP pictures of the Draugrdrotten to, so please stay tuned for more;)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ragnvald the Varangian in WSS 84

In WSS issue 84 I had an article "From rune stones to the plains of Italy - Ragnvald and the Battle of Cannae, 1018" telling about that Scandinavians didn’t only travel westwards. A great deal of voyages were made to the east. Naturally enough, it was mainly people from Sweden who were travelling in that direction. It was the eastern voyages and the influences of the countries there that gave the Swedish Viking Age its special colour and flavour. I thought I should post the pictures that wasn´t used in the article.

They are from when I and my matey Jonas (that also painted all the Normans for our Salute 2016 game - Foteviken 1134) had a couple of test runs of the scenarios included in the article that revolves around the Battle of Cannae, 1018. If you don´t have issue 84 you can order it here.