Thursday, August 13, 2020

301 years sins the Battle at Stäket

Today it was 301 years sint the Battle at Stäket 13 August 1719.  I had been invidet to the Battlefield museum HAMN to show the battle with our GNW minis.

Sins last year the gaming board used had been ruined so I have to built a new one for this year. First some pictures from the build of the gaming board and then a bunch of pictures from todays demo game at the museum.

We run one game using the Rebel and Patriot rules, all went according to history, the Russians puched on and was to force the Swedes to retreat of the battlefield, untill the Russian Grenadiers, that was held in reserv, twice in a row managed to roll double 1 followed by a 1, i.e. friendly fire, totaly destroying the closest friendly unit... the beginning of the Russian defeat...

We had a good day at the museim and want to thank all that visited us during the day.