Sunday, November 13, 2022

Zone Wars - Mutant Year Zero Skirmish Wargaming

Mutant was my favourite RPG back in the 80´s and I have sins then keept a keen interest following the different releases of the Swedish RPG, also published in English in reacent years.

Now a dream have come true by Free Leauges new Kickstarter turning the Mutant Year Zero RPG in to a Skirmish wargame - Zone Wars, designed by renowed game designer Andy Chambers (Necromunda, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Strontium Dog, Slaine etc).

I have tested the Alpha rules, that are possible to download from the kickstarter page, and I really like the rules, fast and entertaining, inspired by Strontium Dog, Judge Dread and Slain but with a big portion of Mutant Year Zero. 

I hope you all join in on the kickstarter :)

Below a bunch of pictures from the kickstarter page.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Eagles of Empire on Kickstarter


In case you hapen to have missed out, my dear friend Sören and his Eagles of Empire are running a kickstarter with their latest minis and source book for the Franco-Prussian War. 

As I understand it the Kickstarter will offer a broad selection of new stunning metal miniatures, cold wther French and Bavarians, a new Unit Upgrade cards deck, and a full color scenario book focusing on the the Armie of Loire including 12 scenarios,   He also have some exellent start-up Eagle of Empire collections to a 25% disscount.

The base pledge are just reached so now the kickstarter are of to some really nice stretch goals. please have a look

If you havent tried out the Eagles of Empires skirmish rules yet I hope you will as they are a nice little gem that I been involved in to create:)  The rules are fast and quite innovative set of rules, what I like the most are the built-in economy and morale system that make the HQ send more troops etc if you performe well and reach your forces objectives.

Friday, October 7, 2022



Long time sins my last blogpost, been mainly playing Stargrave and now started up a new small project Turnip28. Turnip28 are the artist Max FitzGerald´s dark fantasy napoleonic root vegetables game setting, very odd but lovely. You can find the rules for free and lots of inspiration at Mas patreon page. I sent the rule .pdf to get it printed and bound in A5 format, turned out wery nice.

I loved the strange mix of napoleonic and medieval when I first noticed Turnip28, so I opted to make me 10-20 minis for some skirmish games but was apperantly absolved by the root vegetables and now I finished my firtst Regiment (26minis and a gun), the second regiment are in progress as well as some terrain.

Below a bunch of pictures of my regiment, 101e Garde Carotte, first we have the Snobs (leaders) 1 Toff (the senior officer) and 2 Toady´s (junior Officers) and there followers in this case 1 Stum gun artillery, 1 unit of Brutes with black powder weapons (elite) and 1 units of Fodder (not so elite...) one with black poder weapons and one with close combat weapons.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Slaine . miniature game


Tried not to but… then just had to have The new 2000AD starterbox From warlord games Slaine - Kiss my Axe! I have the Strontium dog and the Judge Dread boxes and like the rules so i guess it was a no brainer… 

I like the look of the minis just wish They wasn´t casted in Warlord resine, it is a ok material as long as it isn´t thin parts like Spears, swords etc… They are to wobbely and the paint won’t sit in place when the parts bend. So i removed the Spears and axes where it was possible and put in plastic ones. 

Below pictures of the minis from the starter box and the drune warrior box.

The Druide hut in tha last picture are from the Hate! Kickstarter.