Friday, April 29, 2016

Viking longhouse - Done :)

Finished the Viking Longhouse today and got down to the club for some pictures. I will continue to work on the inside of the house, but as it is now it´s work fine for some viking games.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Pikeman's Lament appears on Amazon

Today Dan made me aware that The Pikeman's Lament is now available to pre-order on Amazon, and presumably in many other places too.

The cover shown is just a mock-up, not the final one that Osprey will use, as that is an original piece of art specially commissioned for our book.

Please note that where is says 'written by a leading games designer and a period expert', the period expert presumably means me. That is not my own description of myself, don't worry! I know my place in this life, and it is not a 'period expert', the same goes for Dan as he say, althought I really think he is a leading game designer;)

 Publication is set by Amazon to 26 January 2017.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Viking longhouse

I´m in the progress of building me a Viking longhouse.

At first I thought that I would buy me one of those MDF ones, but as they was quite expensive and need plenty of work anyway to be possible to use I thought I could build my own for a lesser cost.

So far my house have cost me Zero money as all parts was in my buildmaterial pile.

The House mesure about 12x30cm, at least the base I built it on:)

Now just some painting left...

Monday, April 25, 2016

FireForge Medieval Russian Reinforcements

At Salute I got some of the latest Fire Forge resin cast for their Medieval Russian range.

FFG - 140 Alexander Nevsky
FFG - 141 Russian Infantry Command
FFG - 152 Chernyeklobuki Command (Black Hoods) 
FFG - 153 Chernyeklobuki with Bows (Black Hoods)
FFG - 154 Chernyeklobuki with Lances (Black Hoods) 

Very nice sculpt minis and I´m most impressed of the resin banner that was included in the Infantry Command, we will see how hard they are to paint...

Now I eagerly awaits the release of the Plastic Russian soldiers that should be here during the summer I hope.

Below are some close-ups of the minis in each pack:

FFG - 140 Alexander Nevsky

Friday, April 22, 2016

Close-up "Foteviken 1134" at Salute 2016

During our Salute day Alan and Elaine came by and Alan had brougt his camera with a macro lense so he was kind enought to take a bunch of stunning close-up pictures of our Salute demonstartion game "Battle at Foteviken 1134".

Thank you very much for taking the time Alan and Elaine !

Please enjoy Alan´s pictures below: