Monday, April 27, 2015

Stockholm 1392 Pictures

So have I taken the time to fix the pictuer from our Stockholm 1392 game at salute 2015 , its mine and pictures Colin took during the day, thanks Colin for sharing your pictures.

During the day we managed to run 4 gaming sessions, I had made 4 different scenarios revolving around the event that took place in Stockholm during a summer week in 1392, and we managed to run them all.

We did total up the glory each side got during each game, Mecklenburders(Germans) and the Swedes.

Won´t provide any AAR just the pictures from our day at salute and of Jan´s stunning terrain that we fixed the last painting on just before the visitores entered the show...

Back from Salute 2015

Back from Salute...on my way to work...

So just one picture of our game...more to come when I have the time to fix the pictures:)

I also want to say a BIG thak you to:

Jan, that built the stunning terrain, working late nights the last weeks to get it all finished, the last touch was made in the Salute arena on the morning while we set it all up:)

Colin and Tony that dressed up in medieval costumes and did an exellent job in crowd controling aroud our game, they are really good in Swedish history now, at least about the events in Stockholm 1392;)

Jesper, my club mate that decided to help out to run the game, did a greate work in giving the players a good game during all day I wouldn´t have managed without the help.

Thanks to you all for all 4 for the work you put in the project.

AND a special thank you to all that visited us at Salute and some even participated !

I hope you liked it. I didn´t have time to chat with you all, sorry for that, was quite bussie to run the game, but so, so fun:)

last a picture of my small Salute haul

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Salute :)

God morning :)

I´m in London and soon on my way to Salute to run our participation game Stockholm 1392 - "God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies"

I thought I should give you a little more background to our game.

It is 1392 and German mercenaries and pirates are terrorising the population of Stockholm. They are called the Vitalian Brotherhood and are ruling the city by fear and violence. Will the Swedes stand up to them? 

Anno Domini 1392 Stockholm, King Albrecht of Mecklenburg’s last remaining area of control in Sweden. The town has been under siege since 1390 by Queen Margaret of Denmark and her troops. The only way to get victuals (supplies) to the some 5000 inhabitants is by sea. The Vitalian Brotherhood was a companionship of German mercenaries that were hired by the Dukes of Mecklenburg to ship food to keep the city supplied, they also got a Letter of marque that gave them the right to hijack Danish ships, but they soon turned to piracy and coastal plunder in the Baltic Sea. Maritime trade in the Baltic Sea virtually collapsed, and the herring industry suffered from their depredations. Queen Margaret even turned to King Richard II of England and sought to charter English ships to combat the pirates.

During a hot summer week in Stockholm, 1392, the Vitalian Brotherhood, German Burgers and their vigilante Hättebröderna were involved in the cleansing of the towns prominent Swedish Burgers as they were afraid that the Swedes contacts with Queen Margaret's troops would end in the capture of Stockholm and that the town would be taken by the Danes. The execution of the Swedish leaders in town would reduce that risk. The opportunity to take over the Swedes fortunes may also have played a role…

Our rules of choice are Daniel Merseys medieval skirmish rules Lion Rampant produced by Osprey. We have made some tweaks to the rules to speed it up a bit and get a better participation game at the convention.

  • Only use half sized groups each with its own leader.
  • Half the attack and defense dice, i.e. 6 dices as the group are already half, but it will have no effect on the Morale. 
  • We do not test Courage for: Unit becomes your only unit remaining on the table or Retinue has had half or more of its total points value of units removed from play and do not use the -1 if your retinue has had half or more points of units removed from play modifier. 
  • Activation cards are used to determine the order of activation. 

The Terrain used portrays a part of central Stockholm, with the main square, the main church and part of the castle as main features and it is all custom made by Jan Kärrman.

We use 28mm minis from several manufacturers, Perry miniatures, Gripping Beast, Fire Forge amongst others. Most are painted by yours truly :)

Each player take the role of a main character and his loyal followers…

Mecklenburg (Germans) 
Herbert Königsmark, Mecklenburg Knight and Captain at Stockholm Castle
1x6 Vitalian Brothers and otherMecklenburg Mercenarys (Expert Foot Serjants)
1x6 Vitalian Brothers and otherMecklenburg Mercenarys (Crossbowmen)

Alf Grenerot, German Mayor of Stockholm
2x6 Vitalian Brothers (Ferocious foot)

Berthold Bruhn, Swedish Mayor of Stockholm
2x6 Swedish City Guard and rallied Burgers (Foot Yeomen with mixed weapons)

Jöns Djekn, Swedish Town Council Member
2x6 Swedish City Guard and rallied Burgers (Foot Yeomen with mixed weapons)

The Scenarios used are variants of the ones in the Lion Rampant rulebook that I customized to get a good feel to them. The Scenarios can be played as a mini campaign by just adding together the Glory earned in each scenario.

A special thanks 
To Osprey Publishing, Perry Miniatures and Stockholm Medieval Museum for their support of our gaming project.

I hope to see you during the day !