Saturday, April 20, 2019

Painted some fantasy terrain

Sins Salute I been working on some terrain, a pre-painted "towertree" from GF9, some plastc ruins and some 3D printed tree that i got from Joakin a matey at the club that are totaly in to the 3d printing, take a look at his blog.

The tower tree i added a gate on the back and a small roofed window (mordheim part) as well as I re-painted it.

The ruins I put on a base and added a fountain and some rubble.

For the 3d printed logg I added some skulls to realy show that the mushrooms are pisioness.

And last the 3d printed Tree with a doot I made a nice base and added some foulage for the tree crown.

Hope you like them :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A close-up look at our Award winning Salute 2019 game

I thought it was time to take a close-up look at our Battle at Dänholm 1807 game by posting the stunning macro pictures taken by my dear friends Alan and Elaine.

I think this is the third of our Salute games they taken there very special close-up pictures of. Please enjoy there work :)

Monday, April 8, 2019

Salute 2019 AAR

Back in Sweden after a great weekend in London and Salute 2019. Our international team from UK, Finland, Germany and Sweden brought all the stuff together for the first time and set up a stunning game of Battle of Dänholm 1807 as it seems, as we was awarded the Robert Bothwell Memorial Award for Best Historical Game :)

I want to thank all people that contributed to our game, Jan (Stunning terrain build), Mattias (Converted and painted minis and add-on terrain), Andreas (Converted and painted minis and add-on terrain), Jesper (Converted and painted minis and add-on terrain), Teemu (Converted and painted minis and add-on terrain), Collin and Andy (Crowd controll and historical educater during a bussie day), Roy and Henning (Game board and terrain transportation to and from Salute), Osprey Games and Perry Miniatures.

Thank you all very much !

I had a great day talkning to many nice people about our game and also the Rebels and Patriot rules that we used to play our demo game, geting lots of feedback of the rules, seems like people liked them, at least they dindt dare to say otherwise ;)

I also know I missed a bunch of you that wisited our table when I was on my spending walkabouts during the day, really sorry for that.

Below a bunch of my pictures of our game from the day. I also got a bunch of stunning close-up pictures from my dere friends Alan and Elaine, they have taken macro pictures of several of our games the last years, that I will poste later on.