Monday, August 31, 2015

Swedish Dragoons 1675-1679

Finished the last unit for my Swedish Dragoons for the Scanian War 1675-1679 project. I now got 3 units of Dragoons from the Skåne-Bohus regiment. In The Pikeman´s Lamnet they are about a half Company, group shots below.

Suppouse I have to add some Danes now to even out the forces...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

They comes like the locust swarms in Egypt...

More Danish Freeshooters, or Snapphanar as the Swedes called them, for my Scanian war project 1675-1679

All minis from the Warlord game TYW/ECW Dragoon box. These 6 newly painted minis will be mixed up with the rest of my Snapphanar so I can field them as 5 groups of 6 Dragoons.

As the war continued much of the Scanian allmoge started to help out to hunt down the Snapphanar as their way of war had started to take a big toll on the civilians, they was more or less just marauders that took what they wanted and killed any one that opposed them.

During the last part of the war there was an unofficial order from the Danish King that they should destroy as much as they colud, "lay the land in ruins and leve non to the Swedes".

I also managed to paint 2 extra Danish Musketeers (Minis from Warfare miniatures), the Grenadier was painted by my maty Sören.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Makedonian Miniatures

Now a blog post of a  completly different era, but with a Swedish connection as my friend Björn (that also run the Ådalem Miniatures blog) have started a new miniature project. Björn have a greate interest in ancient wargaming and have decided to produce a small range of special minis for that era.

You can follow Björns project to getting Kestrophedrone miniatures for his Late Makedonian army from computer concept to metal miniatures at Björns facebook page. As it seems he will make the minis available by a Kickstarter called "Makedonian Miniatures" that he apparently will start 1 September 2015.

Here are some sample picture.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Pikeman´s Lament AAR #3 - Morning assault 1678

This is some pictures from our 3rd playtest of The Pikeman´s Lament rules during the Scanian War 1675-1679. This time we run a Morning Assault scenario where the eveil Danes are attacking the unprepered Swedes in the camp early in the morning somwere in Örkened parish.

The wily Danes as always use foul play and have during the night made a sneaky movement throught a "impossible" swamp to be able to launch their attack in the side of the Swedish defence line.

This time we used 2 Companies on each side with their own officer, and used cards for activation.

OOB - Danish 

1st Company
Officer: Second Lieutenant Niels Andersen, he are a Hothead and have a hard time with superiors - he have been demoted several times, but his freeshoter company loves that he cares for them and lead from the front.
2 Forlorn hope @ 4 Points each one with officer
2 Trotters @ 4 Points each

2nd Company
Officer: Second Lieutenant Uggle-Pher, are a known chriminal that claim to be a danish freedom fighter and they let him as long as hi and his Snapphanr only attacks the Swedes.
2 Veteran Dragoons @ 6 points each

OOB - Swedish 

1st Company 
Officer: Second Lieutenant Lieutenant Nils Skytte, he are an Officer and a Gentleman in fancy clothes that the ladies really love.
1 Pike @ 4 Points with Officer
2 Shot @ 4 points each
1 Regimental gun @ 4 points

2nd Company 
Officer: Village Priest Elias Tegnér, he are a blessed man that lead his flock of Småland allmoge to hunt downt the snapphane scum.
2 Raw Shot @ 3 points each one with officer
1 Aggressive Elite Galopper @ 6 point

You might think that some of the Companies have odd composstions, but that is as we want to try out specific troop types and rules:)

Deployment, the 1st Danish company are deployed in the Swamp and the second Danish company will arrive somewhere on the right table edge.

Advancing Danes...

Swedish defence line with Shot and Regimental guns, the Pikeman are asleep in the camp.

Snapphanar in the forest...

As the sun rise the Danes are crossing the small stream and are in the Swedish defences...

The Swedes swiftley got their Gallopers up in the fronline to charge down the Danish Trotters.

Real men use a folding rule when they play wargames ;)

Catch a glimps of the Swedish Gallopers as they charge...

The Danish Trotters open fire on the Swedish Gallopers...

...and even before they had a chance to charge home the Gallopers had lost 30% of their men...

For once it seems like the Danish Trotters was good as they with ease managed to stop the Swedish charge.  As the Galoppers was stopped the Swedish Officer order his pikmen to form up to be able to repell the Danish horse... 

The Swedes send some Småland allmoge throught the forest to start were down the Trotters.

Now Uggle-Pher and his Snaphanar have started to cross the Swedish defences...

One of the Swedish Shot groups take a heavy toll due to the fire from the Dansih Dragoons.

Unexpected Swedish reinforcements... a unit of Shot from the Skaraborg regiment. 
(Painted by Jesper at the Miniature Mayhem blog)

The Danes move further in to the Swedish camp...

Småland allmoge tries to fight of the Danes...

Danes push the Danish Dragoons manage to kill of the Swedish gun crew... the Swedish reinforcement have moved up the Danish Trotters are rampaging the Swedish camp and tries to hunt down a group of Småland Allmoge on the run...

With just 2 units left the Swedes decide that it was time for a retreat... Due to his success the Danish Officer Second Lieutenant Niels Andersen was promoted to Lieutenant.

One again a very nice game, the multiplayer mode works good and the troops more or less behave as I planed for...just some bad dice rolls can throw the best plan...  More test games will follow;)

Thanks for reading !