Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Retrospect

Happy New Year !!!

...2018 are just to start in a few hours and I bring you a summery of 2017 for my blog. I hope you have liked my posts during the year even if I had a lower blogpost output than erlier years.

The wargaming year 2017 in numbers...

1 Cow painted.
1 My first wargaming rules published with my matey Dan Mersey, The Pikeman´s Lament.
1 Contributed to the Swedish Army Museum Wargaming Exebition.
1 My name in the Empire of Eagles wargaming rules
1 Article published in Wargames Illustrated
1 Trip to Hamburger tactica, realy nice wargaming event.
1 Trip to Salute, Running the awardwinning "Battle at Fort Mosquito 1655" demonstration game with master terrainbuilder Jan. Thanks to Collin, Andy, Jesper and Steve that helped out during the day !
2 Salute 2017 Awards, The Bill Brewer Best Table Memorial Award AND The Robert Bothwell Best Historical Game Memorial Award, for our demonstration game "Battle at Fort Mosquito 1655"
2 Dogs painted
2 Pigs painted
3 Guns painted
4 Geese painted
4 Canoes painted
5 Boats painted
8 Articles published in Wargames Soldiers and Strategy
8 Houses build and painted, all for the Wargaming Exebition at the Swedish Army Museum
14 AAR´s published on my blog
20 monunted minis painted
92 Blogposts
375 foot minis painted
594 Followers ! Thank you very much to you all !!! and especially thanks to the 48 new one that signed up during 2017, very appreciated !
900 000+ page vievs sins I started this blog in 2010

Here comes some pictures from the the wargaming year.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Russian Infantry at Stäket 1719

Some pictures of the first batch of Russian Infantry for our Salute 2018 gaem "Battle at Stäket 1719". These will be fielded as 3 units of Shots 12 minis each (each 12 man group will represent a Company during our battle) and a "Command group" of 6 minis that will be fielded as a Aggressive Forlorn Hope and contain the Officer, the banners are from the 1712 Company Colours for the Sibirsky Infantry Regiment and Vyborgsky Infantry Regiment.

The minis are Wargames Factory from their War of Spanish Succession range. The traditional cap "Carpus" that both some Russians and Swedes regiments used during the GNW i made out of cut down grenadiecaps.